How to Buy a House That Is Not For Sale: Get Your Dream Home!

To buy a house that is not on the market, you have to be prepared to make lots of effort. House stalking is no easy feat, but it’s way easier with real estate professionals. You will end up with a house if you practice the things we discuss below. Eager home shoppers are more likely to get their dream home! With our guide, learn how to buy a home that’s off-the-market right now. 1. Get the Details, Contact the Homeowner What better way to know if getting your dream house is even possible than by directly asking the owner? First, try to know the reason why the house isn’t on the market. There’s a possibility that property’s been listed in the past, but it was withdrawn or expired. Maybe the owner had a change of plans. Perhaps the owner deliberately avoids putting it up on the market because they don’t like too much attention. To get clarification, you can either get a real estate agent to communicate with the owner or send a letter yourself. It’s time to send that letter that might change everything. It doesn’t need to be a literary masterpiece- you can go as simple as you…

Fee Simple vs Leasehold: What is the Difference in Ownership?

Choosing between the two types of land tenure, the fee simple vs. leasehold ownership, would affect your real estate’s value. It’s critical to differentiate them if you’re looking to buy a property in a leasehold state like New York, Hawaii, or Florida. Fee simple is the most commonly chosen real estate ownership, making it more familiar to people. In contrast, leasehold ownership only applies to select states. Below, we’ll discuss leasehold ownership, fee simple ownership, and useful facts about leasehold. What Is the Difference Between Fee Simple and Leasehold? Fee simple It’s sometimes referred to as fee simple absolute or freehold since it’s the most straightforward and complete form of real estate ownership. If you’re a fee simple buyer, you’ll have the title to the property, including the land and future improvements to said land. You’ll end up purchasing the entire property. No time limit exists on a fee simple buyer’s ownership of the land, and he could do whatever he wants with it: sell it, trade it, give it to someone, lease it, or pass it on upon his death. Since fee simple is the most familiar form of ownership, this is what most people choose. Leasehold On the…

Advantages and Disadvantages of Renting an Apartment

Before making your decision, you should keep in mind the advantages and disadvantages of renting an apartment. Renting an apartment is not such a long-term commitment compared to buying a house. It’s way easier on the budget, plus you don’t have that much responsibility with the home maintenance. It’s easy to go to shopping centers, pools, and other amenities when you’ve got them all close by. We discuss the pros and cons of renting an apartment here. Pros of Renting an Apartment One of the obvious advantages of renting an apartment is a lesser financial burden than buying a house since rent is way cheaper than a mortgage. Other than that, maintenance and utility bills would be lower due to the smaller space. Renting an apartment would also save you time and energy on the upkeep since you don’t have to worry about shoveling snow or mowing the lawn. Amenities like pools, gyms, tennis courts and laundry services have never been more accessible than in apartment complexes. Safety is also a plus since you’ll live close by plenty of neighbors. This is clearly an advantage for the elderly and children. And because of the nearby people, you’ll have the opportunity…

Things to Consider When Buying a House With a Sibling

Buying a house with a sibling sounds like a more economical choice than buying a home alone, but there are things to keep in mind before jumping right in. A lot of planning and consideration is needed to make this financial decision go well between siblings. Should You Buy a Home With a Sibling? Buying a home with a sibling sure does sound appealing when you’re both short on money. However, there’s one way for your housing arrangement to go wrong: what if one of you wants to back out? Things are going to be way different from a divorce scenario where dividing assets (in this case, shared residence) are concerned. So, is buying a home with a sibling a good idea at all? The following are things you should consider when co-owning a house with a sibling. Plan Ahead With a Contract Contract Signing All home buyers should have their names on the property title, which serves as official documentation of the legal owners. It is incredibly essential so that no one loses out if ever an ownership dispute arises in court. A real estate attorney is the best form of future-proofing you have here. These professionals are well-equipped…

Tips Buying a House After Bankruptcy in 2020

You recently filed for bankruptcy, and you want to buy a home – it will take some time, sure. Meanwhile, you can keep yourself informed and ready for a new, financially stable life of car loans and new credit cards. You’ll have to face hardships for a few years to grow your savings, but at the end of the tunnel is a light that guides you towards finally buying a house. Also, bankruptcy attorneys and real estate agents got your back. What are the most popular types of bankruptcy? Before you worry about home buying, it’s important to be informed about your specific bankruptcy classification. Chapter 7: The more serious debt resolution A Chapter 7 bankruptcy case is when the court relieves you from all your existing debt (student loans, child support, alimony, court fees not included, though). Chapter 7 is the most prevalent bankruptcy filing since it’s the most straightforward and attractive solution. It comes with a downside – your credit will fall miserably, stay on your credit report for up to a decade, liquidation will occur, and most importantly, it will be almost impossible to get a mortgage. It will take four years after a Chapter 7 bankruptcy…

New House Checklist: Essentials Things for Your First House

Moving usually ends up harder than it was planned to be. There are too many things going on that you just want to finish it all, and finally rest at your new place! This is mostly applicable when it’s your first time buying a home after years of renting a space. You want to be sure that everything is set and flows smoothly. The best way to do that is to make a physical new house checklist. After all, you want to do all the moving in one day alone and not extend it to a few more days. So, here is a checklist to finally give you relief. Moving into your new home deserves all this preparation! Move in Essentials. What to do? When you are transferring into a new home, you are also leaving your old one. That means you will need to have a clean exit with your old place and a clean entrance too with your new place. While most of us pride ourselves to be excellent homeowners, some of us miss a few things during moving day. Some common moving mistakes are: Forgot to set up the utilities at your new place before moving in….

Foreclose On Wells Fargo: Day 1

On the eve of Wells Fargo’s annual shareholders meeting in San Antonio, TX on Tuesday, home defenders, students, community groups, and activists in ten cities took peaceful action against the bank. Petitions signed by thousands of people were delivered to Wells Fargo branches and offices across the country calling on CEO John Stumpf to change the bank’s predatory practices. 

Foreclose On Wells Fargo: National Days of Action April 28 & 29

Earlier this month, we put the word out that we were planning to take on Wells Fargo and the response we got was overwhelming. So many people registered for an organizing conference call that we had to schedule a second one just to accommodate everyone.

Well’s Fargo’s well-documented history of abusive and discriminatory lending, servicing, and foreclosure practices have caused millions of families to lose their homes or be underwater on their mortgages. The bank’s actions have devastated communities across the country- impacting everyone from homeowners facing foreclosure, to students struggling to afford school, and immigrants fighting to keep their families intact. Even Wells Fargo employees are stepping forward to talk about how the company’s predatory practices hurt their workers and communities.


On April 29, Wells Fargo will celebrate it’s record as the country’s most profitable bank at their annual shareholders meeting in San Antonio, TX. People around the country are organizing to send a message to the bank that these predatory practices have to stop. Home defenders have launched petitions online, and planned actions at local Wells Fargo branches and offices, and some are even traveling to San Antonio to confront the bank’s executives directly.    

Home Defenders Take Action Against Wells Fargo in Support of 86 Year Old Grandmother Facing Foreclosure

On Wednesday February 19, supporters delivered petitions signed by over 2,000 people to Wells Fargo branches around the country, urging the bank not to foreclose on Lavinia Curry, an 86 year old Grandmother in Irvington, NJ. 


Despite being the most profitable US bank in 2013, Wells Fargo continues to foreclose on struggling homeowners, often refusing to work with families to keep them in their homes. The latest victim, Lavinia Curry, purchased her Irvington, NJ home in 2003 with the help of her children, fulfilling her lifelong dream of homeownership. In 2010, the family missed ONE mortgage payment, but attempted to make the missed payment the very next month. Wells Fargo refused to accept the payment and began the process of foreclosure instead. A sheriff’s sale of the family’s home is scheduled for next month. 

Housing Justice Academy in New Jersey

Join NJ Communities United, Occupy Our Homes, and the Home Defenders League for the Housing Justice Academy in Newark, NJ on December 7th & 8th!

We’re bringing people together to learn how we can fight back against Wall Street greed, strengthen our connections to each other, and build a movement that has the power to push back against Wall Street and the big banks. Learn how to: 
• Organize your neighbors
• Lead direct actions
• Execute eviction defenses
• Participate in non-violent civil disobedience
• Talk to the press
• Launch online petitions