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East New York: Inside a day of action

OccupyOurHomes on December 12, 2011

The National Day of Action to stop and reverse foreclosures was an incredible and inspiring launch of the Occupy Our Homes movement. Around the country, thousands of activists turned out to support dozens of home actions around the country. The occupation of homes in East New York, organized by Occupy Wall Street, VOCAL-NY, Organizing for Occupation, New York Communities for Change and countless supporters has continued to inspire us as their occupations have continued. Here is a series of videos which take us through the December 6th Day of Action to show how the day unfolded.

Part 1: OWS protesters take the subway to East Brooklyn, sharing personal stories about the disruption of their communities by predatory lending practices.

Part 2: 1,000 protesters swell the streets of East New York, joining forces with community organizations, council members and clergy to visit homes left vacant by foreclosures. Councilman Ydanis Rodriguez says the eviction of Zuccotti Park "probably was the best thing because now the movement is getting more color."

Part 3: On the steps of a foreclosed house, more residents come forth to tell their stories of threatened foreclosure, including the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq and a young man named Quincy, whose home we will visit later. The activists swear to prevent the foreclosures from going through.

Part 4: Near the rally, police are caught sneaking through neighbors' back yards, and are confronted by activists. The group then moves to the march's final destination to unite family and home.

Part 5: The family are officially welcomed to the neighborhood.

Part 6: A team of activists goes to Quincy's home to find it already illegally seized and its locks changed. Re-entry is gained, and the police are mollified... temporarily. Activists organize a watch on the home.