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"We must Occupy Our Homes"

OccupyOurHomes on December 05, 2011
Posted in: Inspirations

Marcella Robinson founded the blog MortgageFraud in North Carolina and began organizing homeowners in her community. She shared her story with us and it's truly an inspiration for all homeowners who are fighting to keep their homes.

My name is Marcella Robinson and I am a single mother of four children. I built our home with the American dream in mind. In 2008, through my own investigative research I discovered that my neighbors and I were being victimized by the predatory lending scam that is circulating within North Carolina and around the United States. Countrywide Home Loan was the majority of my subdivisions original mortgage lender. After further investigation my neighbors and I found that Countrywide packaged and sold our loans on Wall Street in what is called a securitization. In addition, we acquired proof through admittance by Countrywide (John T. Kemp v. Countrywide Home Loans) that our mortgage notes were never properly transferred during the securitization process, and our mortgage-backed securities were in fact not backed by any mortgages whatsoever.

It was at this time that MortgageFraud in North Carolina was birthed. Homeowners in our community came out all on a united front to expose the greed and corruption on Wall Street and within our political parties. Today MortgageFraud in North Carolina meets on a weekly basis to coordinate events in our state to bring a more broader awareness to the foreclosure crisis that is destroying our communities.

In solidarity with OccupyOurHomes, I am asking each of you to stand with me and other Homeowners to fight back against fraudulent and illegal foreclosures in North Carolina and throughout our United States of America. We must demand a moratorium on foreclosures. We must also demand prosecution for every Wall Street and bank official involved in these activities. This is America, we are law abiding citizens with Constitutional rights. It is vital that “We The People” began to hold our Attorney Generals, Legislators, Governors, President, Congressmen, Senators, Judges, and Attorneys accountable. We must OccupyOurHomes until our civil rights to housing are restored!