National Day of Action to Stop and Reverse Foreclosures

Today is the Occupy Our Homes National Day of Action to Stop and Reverse Foreclosures. Actions are taking place in over twenty-five cities around America, as the Occupy movement joins with homeowners and people fighting for a place to live. Our system has been serving Wall Street, big banks, and the one percent. Clearly this has not worked. We are the 99% and we are reclaiming our homes.

Follow this post for updates from around the country today. See below for videos from the day of action.

11:36 PM: VIDEO: Reverend Dr. Joseph Lowery at the Occupy Atlanta action at Fulton County courthouse.

8:36 PM: 60 People and 6 homeowners at Annie Quain’s house in St. Louis. All homeowners pledged not to leave.

8:34 PM: San Diego: Three homeowners fighting to keep to their homes spokes, each one of them letting the banks know that if they come to evict, “We’re not leaving.”

8:24 PM: VIDEO – Homeowner Defenders of San Francisco’s Bayview District: Vivian Richardson, Carolyn & Denise Collins

7:36 PM: Occupy San Jose, Occupy Redwood City & ACCE marched with Gloria Takla to Chase bank and were able to delay her home’s sale date until February 14. The bank also agreed to meet with her to discuss a loan modification.

7:24 PM: News of victories in California with Occupy Oakland, ACCE Home Defenders League and community supporters: A West Oakland mother of three reclaimed her home earlier in the day. A delegation of a family under foreclosure threat met with Wells Fargo officials, who agreed to postpone the foreclosed home’s sale. Disrupted the foreclosure auction at the Oakland county courthouse. More than a dozen homes were prevented from being auctioned.

7:14 PM: A second foreclosed home in Atlanta has been re-occupied.

7:03 PM: Photo from the action at Bobby Hull’s house in Minneapolis.

6:56 PM: In San Francisco, two additional homeowners have pledged to refuse to leave their homes. Five city supervisors signed a pledge to protect peoples’ homes.

5:26 PM: Members of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign and Occupy the Hood have used volunteer labor and donated materials to rehab a home so that it can house Ms. Shirley Henderson and two other homeless families. PHOTO.

5:19 PM: A small victory from Seattle: After pressure from 30 OUR Washington members and 20 or more phone calls into Aurora Loans, Nikolin & Maria Fushazis were able to talk to the top executive at Aurora loans who committed to engage with them on a possible modification and with Freddie Mac, who owns the loan.

4:49 PM: Report on Twitter says Occupy action in Alameda shut down a foreclosure auction at the court. Picture from the action.

4:30 PM: Occupy Miami pickets Bank of America as part of foreclosure crisis national day

4:17 PM: Dozens of Portlanders vow not to leave foreclosed neighbors’ homes.

4:00 PM: VIDEO: Debbie Henry talks about why she and her husband are occupying their home.

3:58 PM: Picture of Robert and Debbie Henry of Southgate, MI as they took action today.

3:43 PM: Volunteer cleaning crew from Occupy Wall Street arrives at reclaimed and reoccupied home in East New York Brooklyn to begin cleaning and renovating the home for Tasha Glasgow and her two children.

3:34 PM: Debbie & Robert Henry of Southgate, MI have announced they would not comply with any foreclosure or eviction from their home.

3:25 PM: Block party in East New York welcomes a homeless family to their reclaimed home, complete with balloons, house warming gifts, and a brass band.

3:21 PM: A home in East New York is reclaimed from Bank of America. Single mother of two, Tasha Glasgow, moves in with her family children. Tasha and her children had been homeless since shelter services in NYC were slashed due to budget cuts.

3:14 PM: From Occupy Wall Street: “In a bold new phase for the 99% movement, a vacant home in the center of New York City’s foreclosure crisis is presently being reclaimed today for a local homeless family. Occupy Wall Street, along with local neighbors and community groups, has pledged to stay with the family and defend them from eviction.”

2:47 PM: Over 1,000 people in East New York as part of Occupy Wall Street’s foreclosure tour. Reports of police pushing people around.

1:59 PM: Occupy Atlanta has successfully run off numerous people who came to place bids on foreclosed homes and assisted one guy in convincing the auctioneer to talk to his lawyer and take his house off the auction block.

1:50 PM: One arrested so far at auction sale in Atlanta for disorderly conduct and obstruction for using and passing off a megaphone to save neighborhood homes.

1:35 PM: Large march arrives at Oakland Wells Fargo branch

1:24 PM: Action in Gwinnett County, Georgia – activists bid at Sheriff’s auction, making it harder to sell foreclosed homes.

1:14 PM: Twitter reports of 400 people participating in Occupy Wall Street’s action in East New York.

1:11 pm: 300 New Yorkers ready to move a #Brooklyn family back into their home.

1:00 PM: Occupy Wall Street begins the live feed of their actions in Brooklyn.

12:17 PM: In Toledo, Ohio ESOP did a similar action on Bank of America and Wells Fargo branches.

12:10 PM: : Empower and Strengthening Ohio’s People in Cleveland went to five Chase branches & simultaneously delivered letters to CEO Jamie Dimon and FHFA head Ed Demarco calling for principle reduction for homeowners.

11:57 AM: Occupy Atlanta making lots of noise to disrupt the foreclosure auctions going on at Fulton County Courthouse.

11:00 AM: Dr. Joseph Lowery calling for a stop to all Foreclosures on the steps on the Fulton County courthouse in Atlanta. Occupy Atlanta has a live stream of the action.

Videos from the Day of Action: