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Rochester: Fighting the Crisis, Housing as a Human Right Teach In

OccupyOurHomes on April 11, 2012
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If you're in Rochester, NY, check out this awesome teach-in from Metro Justice & Take Back the Land:

What: Housing is a Human Right Campaign Teach-In
Where: Friends Meeting House, 84 Scio St. Rochester, NY
When: Thursday, April 12th 6pm

The Metro Justice Housing as a Human Right Campaign has been working to determine effective ways that the city of Rochester can help to mitigate the on-going foreclosure crisis and the homelessness and poverty that have resulted. We have identified two specific ways to help people to stay in their homes now.

Immediately, the City of Rochester should divest from Chase Bank, the worst of the worst of the big five banks. Chase helps an abysmally low number of mortgage holders re-negotiate their mortgages since the beginning of the foreclosure crisis and the massive bailouts received.

We also believe that the city should institute a moratorium on foreclosures by the big banks unless the banks can demonstrate that the foreclosure has gone through all the appropriate channels and kept all the appropriate records. With cities like San Francisco discovering that 84% of the foreclosures in their city contain some degree of fraud, it’s necessary that the city create ways to protect our city residents from that fraud.

Come learn about our on-going campaign for Housing as a Human Right and find out how you can get involved!