Rochester, NY: Rally to Divest from Chase!

From Metro Justice:

WHAT: Rally to Divest Rochester City Funds from Chase

WHERE: Downtown Chase Bank, Main St. and Clinton St.

WHEN: Friday, April 20th, 12:30pm


As the third largest mortgage-provider in the nation, Chase has a major responsibility to prevent the foreclosure crisis from pushing thousands of people into homelessness.  They have a responsibility to work with people to modify their mortgages, a responsibility that they’re failing.

Chase and the other major banks received billions of dollars in bailout money with the expectation that they would help people stay in their homes.  Instead, they just kept at business as usual and continue to allow their practices to harm our communities.

If they’re going to continue to refuse to work with Rochester homeowners to modify their mortgages, then they shouldn’t continue to profit off of Rochester municipal monies. We are calling on the City of Rochester to divest their funds from Chase. But, first we want to give Chase a chance to live up to our expectations.  We will deliver a letter to them at this rally that asks them to improve their mortgage policies as a way to stop us from running this campaign in Rochester.

You can find out more about Chase’s mortgage practices from our friends at New York Communities for Change here.

We hope that you’ll join us at this rally and help to spread the word!