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Occupy Homes MN: Attempt Halt of Sheriff Sale of Foreclosed Home

on April 09, 2012
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April 9th, 2012

Contact: Ty Moore at 612-760-1980

Occupy Homes MN to Attempt Halt of Sheriff Sale of Foreclosed Home

Veteran John Vinje is demanding US Bank renegotiate his mortgage

WHEN: Monday, April 9th 10:30am: Protesters will gather inside Hennepin County Government Center

11:00am: Sheriff Sale will be held a Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division, Rm. 30, Courthouse, 350 South 5th Street


WHAT: Community supporter of Occupy Homes MN will join with John Vinje and Lucinda Williams Monday morning to protest US Bank auctioning off their family’s home at a sheriffs sale planned for 11am. US Bank has failed to respond to John’s request for a sit-down meeting to discuss a reasonable renegotiation of his overpriced mortgage.

John Vinje explained: “If US Bank won’t come to me with a reasonable offer, we’re going to them. We’re going to attend the sheriff’s sale and demand to speak to the US Bank representative, and say this sale has got to be postponed until a real negotiation happens, until they give me a reasonable offer that can keep my family in our home.”

Occupy Homes MN achieved national media attention after winning Bobby Hull’s foreclosed home back following the sheriff sale of his property (US Bank was the trustee of Hull’s mortgage). John and Lucinda Vinje are among a growing number of homeowners joining together through Occupy Homes to fight back against the unjust and illegal banking practices behind the foreclosure crisis.

John and Lucinda Vinje bought their home in 2008, the first house either of them had ever owned. John is an Air Force veteran now working as a security guard, and Lucinda has worked a government job for ten years. But when financial difficulties caused them to fall behind on payments by just two months, US Bank refused their request to repay their arrears in installments and immediately began foreclosure proceedings. Meanwhile, Lucinda has been forced into "medical retirement" due to a chronic condition, adding financial strain on the family.

If US Bank would renegotiate their mortgage to current market value as the Vinje’s request, they could afford the payments. After six months of delays, in March US Bank offered them a measly $97 less on their monthly payments. Both John and Lucinda have worked their entire lives, but now stand to lose the only home they have ever owned.

What US Bank doesn’t realize is that John and Lucinda are fighters. They, along with a growing number of Minnesota homeowners, have taken a pledge to stand with their community and fight for their home. John says: “Their refusal to work with us is an outrage. Do you know how much the CEO of US Bank made last year? Over 18 MILLION dollars! And yet they want my house that’s only worth $80,000. Well you know what? I’m not gonna let them have it!”