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Emergency Call-In to Stop Joliet, IL Sheriff's Sale!

OccupyOurHomes on August 01, 2012
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The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign is asking that people call on behalf of Loleta Barrow-Leggett to help stop Wells Fargo from putting her home up for auction.

For months, the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, Warehouse Workers for Justice, Will County Community Concern and other groups have been trying to stop the sale of Loleta Barrow-Leggett's home in Joliet, IL. After our first demonstration, Wells Fargo agreed to call off the sale of the home and look into a modification.

Unfortunately, the modification that they have offered INCREASED BY $200, the amount of money that the family had been struggling to pay for its unaffordable monthly mortgage payments. For months, Ms. Barrow-Leggett's family and supporters have been seeking to get her into a more affordable HAMP modification, sending in all the requested documentation as well as proof that her family has secured homeowners insurance.

But instead of good faith negotiations, Ms. Barrow-Leggett has received 11th hour calls threatening to put her house on sale on August 1st if she does not agreed to Wells Fargo's unaffordable trial modification. This is unacceptable.

Call Wells Fargo representative Michael Burg, 515-324-6975, Home Mortgage President Mike Heid 515-213-6117 and Freddie Mac representative Pamela at 703-918-8480 and demand, "Stop the sale of Loleta Barrow-Leggett's home in 1001 Meadowsedge Lane, Joliet, IL (# 0176226926). There are six other homes on her block that are in foreclosure and we do not need another empty home in the neighborhood. The family has already sent you all the documentation you have requested, so we want to see her approved for a HAMP modification."

Please call and report your results here.

Petition Wells Fargo to Save Loleta's Home