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Victory: William and Bertha Garrett can keep their home in Detroit

OccupyOurHomes on February 01, 2012

Great news! The eviction of William and Bertha Garrett of Detroit has been stopped! Occupy Detroit activists have an update on Facebook:

The Garretts have been victorious in their struggle to keep their home. The bank agreed to let the Garretts purchase their home for the previously agreed upon price of $12,000. The contract has yet to be signed. We must maintain our vigilance.

Supporters are encouraged to be at the home of the Garretts by 7 am to prevent the confront any appearance of a dumpster. Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company has gone back on it's word in the past. But a realtor at O'Conner Real Estate Development, the firm that apparently wanted so badly to list the property as soon as possible, also assured us that the eviction has been called off.

There's more information at Huffington Post.