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Occupy LA helps Iraq War veteran save his home

OccupyOurHomes on February 16, 2012

The Occupy Movement calls Valentine’s Day 2012 “Break Up with your Bank Day”. Some Occupy Activists from LA and Inland Empire cities disrupted a foreclosure auction in Chino to save a soldier’s family home.

Sergeant Anthony Chavoya, an active-duty member of the Army National Guard, contacted members of Occupy LA to help save his home from foreclosure, after his father saw a news report about Occupy Activists and Wells Fargo Executives meeting last week regarding foreclosures.

Chavoya’s home was supposed to be auctioned on Valentine’s Day at the City of Chino Civic Center at 1pm after his bank, Wells Fargo, and other big banks negotiated a sweetheart deal with 49 state Attorney Generals for foreclosure fraud.

“It’s been stressful since we got the letter,” said Sgt. Chavoya. “We couldn’t sleep. We were up late hours thinking, what are we going to do with our family?”

Chavoya has served in the Army for 14 years and has done a total of 3 tours, 2 tours in Iraq and one in Kosovo as an infantryman.

Chavoya contacted Carlos Marroquin, a homeowner advocate and Occupy LA member, after his father saw Marroquin on the news last week after an unprecedented meeting between Wells Fargo Executives and Occupiers.

“We are here for the purpose of stopping the sale of his home,” said Marroquin. “We believe the foreclosure has been done in a wrongful way.”

Marroquin was 1 of 7 Occupy Activists that sat down with 6 Wells Fargo Executives on Monday, February 6th to discuss the foreclosure crisis. Occupy Activists emailed Wells Fargo Valentine’s Day morning to see if they could get Executives to review the details of Chavoya’s case.

The auctioneer was visible shaken by the occupy protesters asking them not to take his photo, turning away from them, and walking away several times. Potential bidders stopped and took photos of the protesters and made a few disparaging comments.

A mix up in military pay schedule caused Chavoya to fall behind in his mortgage payments when he returned from Kosovo. Chavoya can now make mortgage payments but Wells Fargo refuses to work with him.

Chavoya’s wife applied for a loan modification while he was overseas but the bank would not work with her even though she had Power of Attorney and even though Federal law prohibits banks from foreclosing on active duty service members while they are overseas.

When Chavoya returned Wells Fargo continued to say they never received his paperwork after he sent it repeatedly.

“I’m sure there are a lot of veterans going through this,” Chavoya said. “Let’s step up and help each other out.”

During the auction, Occupy Activists got some good news via email from Wells Fargo for the Chavoyas. The sale of his family home has been delayed until March 13, 2012.

“It gives me some relief,” said Sgt. Chavoy. “There’s a possible chance that they’ll hopefully work with us now. Not just give us the run around.”

Sergeant Chavoya is married with two sons and his oldest son will celebrate his 8th birthday today. Chavoya’s youngest son is only 5 years old and will have a birthday March 20th less than a week after the next sale date.

Occupy protesters are delighted to help make this Valentine’s Day and the Chavoyas’ son’s birthday happy.