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Emergency home defense at Freddie Mac HQ in DC for Arturo & Bertina

on February 24, 2012

Art de los Santos moved into his Riverside home with his wife and four kids in 2003. It was his first home and represented the American dream he had worked his whole lives for. In 2009, his work slowed down and he applied for a loan modification with his bank. But after encouraging him to miss mortgage payments on purpose, JP Morgan Chase and investor Freddie Mac foreclosed – even though he still had a stable income and likely qualified for a modification. Last year, his family was evicted from our home. His house then sat vacant for over six months. Over the holidays, he moved back in, enrolled his kids back at school and has asked the bank to accept his payments.

Rather than accept his payments, Freddie Mac is seeking a court order requiring the sheriff to evict Art’s family. It’s time to stand up.

Join us and take action against Freddie Mac and demand that stop the eviction and negotiate with of Art de los Santos and fellow 99%er Bertina Jones. We will also be demanding that Freddie Mac stop standing in the way of principal reduction for American homeowners.

Because the action is out near Dulles airport, we will be providing bus transportation from two downtown DC locations for the action. To ensure that we have enough seats on the bus, please RSVP to Brian Kettenring at with the number of seats you’ll need.

11:00 am – Meet for Bus Pickup at Common Good at Dupont Circle
11 Dupont Circle, Suite 240, Washington, DC
(if weather is tolerable wait at outside interior plaza at 11 Dupont)

11:30 am – Bus Pickup at McPherson Square for Trip to Freddie Mac Headquarters
15th & I, Washington, DC

12:30 pm - Action at Freddie Mac Headquarters
Freddie Mac Headquarters
8200 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA 22102-3110

1:15 pm – Buses Load for Return Trip to DC

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