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Occupy Atlanta taking action for the Pittman family (and other actions)

OccupyOurHomes on January 23, 2012

On Monday (01/23) at 11am Occupy Atlanta will hold a press conference in the front of Chase Bank located in the Edgewood Shopping Center, 1215 Caroline St. NE.

Like many families across the nation, the late Ms. Eloise Pittman was a victim of one of the worse cases of predatory lending. The Pittman family has been fighting to save the family home since November 2011. This house for this family is more than a building that gives shelter. It is a home that has been passed down generations since the 1950’s.

This past week we have finally been able to get Chase bank to negotiate with they family. The options they have laid out are terrible. They either want the family to leave or pay over $400,000 for a property that's worth a little over $100,000. Their options are unacceptable.

When Chase bank needed a bail out they got one to the tune of billions at practically zero percent interest. We will not continue to allow big banks like Chase to continue to make profit off the backs of those that they refuse to assist.

Occupy Atlanta will be announcing our plans to escalate the campaign against Chase bank at the press conference, part of which will include actions that are provocative, and national in scope. The time where Banks like Chase are able to quietly scam folks out of their homes is over.

There are more Occupy Atlanta events in coming days:

01/24 11:30 AM
Wells Fargo- 2 Peachtree St. Atlanta, GA
Divest From Wells Fargo
This action was organized in coordination with Georgia Detention Watch, ENLACE, and other community organizations to encourage people to pull their money out of Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo invests with the CCA (Corrections Corporation of America) and "GEO." Both companies operate private prisons and lobby heavily to ensure a steady flow of inmates (and therefore money) into their prisons. Let your neighbor know that investing in a credit union is fun, easy and builds community, and that divesting from Wells Fargo is very satisfying. It is also a scary thing for these banks if folks, organizations and companies continue to shut down their Wells Fargo Accounts. Please come out to this action, especially to stand with our undocumented brothers and sisters who are the ones most impacted by these investments.
Here is the FB event for this action.

01/24 7 pm
Home Defense Training
There will be a presentation on how to set up a home occupation. We have invited homeowners who are currently facing foreclosure or eviction, as well as people all throughout Georgia who have said that they support what we are doing and want to help. One of the goals here is to make connections with people who are wanting a home occupation to save their home, and people who are willing to help make that happen. Please spread the word to anyone that might fall into these two categories.

01/27 3 pm
404 Glen Iris Dr.
We will be rallying at the Pittman home, and then marching to a Chase Bank to put pressure on them to make a deal with the Pittman family. We need lots of people here! Please spread the word! Here is the FB event for this action.