Occupy Long Beach: Home Defense Empowerment Workshop

On Saturday, February 18th, from 3 to 5pm, Occupy Long Beach will be hosting a Home Defense Empowerment Workshop at the First Congregational Church in Long Beach, 241 Cedar Avenue. (map)

The first intention of this workshop is to provide the resources necessary for a motivated homeowner to successfully defend their homes. This is the right workshop for those homeowners interested in actively fighting against the predatory and fraudulent practices of the lending institutions attempting to take their homes. It is also the right workshop for any friend, family member, activist or person interested in learning more about home defense and the Occupy Homes movement.

Recent home defense actions have made it clear that community and personal network support is a critical component of this campaign. A second intention of this action is to provide many of the tools needed to meet your neighbors and speak with them about the campaign you intend to work on. Additionally, we have set up a mass text alert system, which you can subscribe to by texting “@HomeDefense” to 23559. It will only include information on emergency situations of local homeowners when they come up, and will be curated by Occupy Long Beach.

In order to make sure we can accommodate everyone, it is requested that you RSVP to the Facebook event page, or if you do not have Facebook, RSVP through this page, so we can have a rough idea of expected turnout.

The information will be developed through a collaboration of an experienced local real estate agent, ACCE and Occupy Long Beach.

If you need any more information, feel free to call Ben at (562) 606-6437 or e-mail at OccupyLongBeachActions@gmail.com.