Detroit: Get ready to stop the eviction of Jennifer Britt

There’s important information coming from Moratorium Now! and Detroit Eviction Defense:

We have reliable information that the dumpster truck is very likely to arrive on Tuesday at Jennifer Britt’s house in Detroit’s Rosedale Park. We need maximum turnout tomorrow at 15701 Warwick St. at Midland, just south of Grand River, to oppose the placement of the dumpster in front of Jennifer’s home and to also prevent her eviction. 

Please join this peaceful and determined opposition to another unjust eviction in whatever capacity you are comfortable with– as witness, supporter, resister. We will oppose the placing of the dumpster in front of the home in a nonviolent manner, making a statement with our numbers.

Supporters are welcome at any time, but it helps if we know how many will be there thru the day. If possible, contact us at and let us know the hour(s) you can join us, from dawn onwards. The early morning is an important time, but who knows when the truck will arrive with the dumpster. At 4pm we will have a barbecue, so join us whenever you can — or make a day of it!

And call the numbers below to add your voice to the many neighbors and homeowners protesting the U.S. government’s role in evicting Jennifer Britt and her family. Fannie Mae, under federal receivership since the housing collapse of 2008, bailed out Flagstar Bank after it refused to modify Jennifer’s mortgage and took her life savings in steadily rising monthly payments. As U.S. Congressman Hansen Clarke reminded 70 of us today at the noon rally at Jennifer’s house (photos attached), “Fannie Mae is using our tax dollars to bail out the bank and evict our neighbors from their homes.”

Call the Federal Housing Finance Agency and Fannie Mae and tell them to sell Jennifer Britt’s home to Southwest Housing Solutions so Jennifer and her family can stay in their house at 15701 Warwick, Detroit. Fannie sells foreclosed homes to for-profit investors at below market, so why not sell the home to a non-profit like Southwest at a comparable below-market price? Southwest has pledged to sell the home back to Jennifer on terms she can afford. Detroit doesn’t need another empty house blighting the neighborhood!

Federal Housing Finance Agency, Edward DeMarco, Acting Director, 202-649-3801

Federal Housing Finance Agency, Michael Powers, Ombudsman, 202-649-3805

Fannie Mae Chicago Office: 312-368-6200

Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Center: 866-442-8572


The U.S. Senators in the Michigan delegation and Congresspersons Clarke and Conyers are pressing Fannie Mae to stop the eviction and negotiate a reasonable settlement with Jennifer.

Call and continue to press the elected political representatives to deliver this same message to FHFA and Fannie Mae.

Senator Debbie Stabenow: (313) 961-4330
Senator Carl Levin: (313) 226-6020
Congressman John Conyers: (313) 961-5670
Congressman Hansen Clarke: (313) 962-7700
Congressman Gary Peters: (248) 273-4227
Congressman John Dingell: (313) 278-2936

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