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Help Save Rain and Summer's Home

OccupyOurHomes on July 31, 2012
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Update August 3: Great news! Rain was able to raise enough money to keep her home. She writes:

I have great friends and they have great friends and we were able to do it. ...Thank you so much.

Rain was supported by over 475 people on, which in turn helped her raise the money she needed to keep her home. This is a great win for Rain and Summer. Thanks to everyone who helped make it a reality.

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Last week, when we launched, one of the first people to create a campaign was Rain Burroughs. In her campaign targeting the Virginia Housing Development Authority, Rain wrote:

Dear VHDA folks, I admit to my shortcomings, and want to make things right. My 12 year old daughter has been sick for some time and was finally diagnosed correctly with juvenile arthritis. I suffer from depression and have not dealt with a lot very well. I am employed full time and Summer is finally getting the help she needs. Now that bankruptcy court is not protecting us, I have three hundred twenty dollars more dollars with which to pay you.

Once she set up her campaign, Rain started organizing. In just a few days, almost 400 people have signed her petition. She's now recorded a video to thank the people who have joined in her fight to save her home. Rain is also asking for donations to help pay to keep her home.

Please take a moment to sign Rain's petition to the Virginia Housing Development Authority. She's building power to make sure she can keep her home and we are trying to help her win. Let's make sure she and her daughter get to keep her home!

Help Save Rain & Summer's Home