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MI: Eviction order against Scott Binkley has been suspended!

OccupyOurHomes on June 02, 2012


Occupy Traverse City in Michigan and the Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shutoffs have been fighting to stop the eviction of Scott Binkley, an Interlochen resident who is quadriplegic. We just got an update that they've succeeded in stopping the eviction by Bank of America and Deutsche Bank while a permanent solution is worked out.

Scott has been notified by phone by a Bank of America representative that the eviction order has been suspended. Scott ask that we stop calling and emailing Bank of America and Deutsch Bank, while discussions between Scott and the BoA proceed. Scott is cautiously optimistic.

Thanks to all those who called and emailed the banks on behalf of Scott.

Congratulations to Scott and everyone who had fought on his behalf. 

Here's more information from Moratorium NOW!:

Rally for Scott Binkley
Sunday, June 10th in Interlochen
(time will be announced next week)

Update from Occupy Traverse City:

**UPDATE** There will be a rally for Scott Binkley on Sunday, June 10th in Interlochen (time will be announced next week). IF his eviction does not get cancelled by then, we may have to extend this rally into a camping protest. We will have more details after next Thursdays GA on June 7th, which you are encouraged to attend. Here is what we know now:

All of the emails and phone calls to the bank from the public actually made an impact! (Thank you, Moratorium Now!) ...Bank of America just offered Scott a more reasonable new home loan ...and Scott has agreed to the terms. (after Scott has tried for a few years to get his loan modified into something fair). Even better news... Bank of America told Scott that they "will" postpone his eviction and put it on hold while the case gets worked out.

Scott is expecting to receive official paper work on all of this by Monday, June 4th. We are watching and waiting to see what happens over the next week. Scott has been very involved in communications with Jan and Bob (from Occupy TC) since last week or so, and is hoping to come to this Thursdays GA.

We know of other foreclosure victims who have been promised similar paper work from BofA ...and never received it. So we are watching closely what happens over the next several days!

There is another issue with Grand Traverse county, they say Scott owes some property taxes - Scott says he does NOT. This will need to be resolved before Scott can get a new loan. If there is a tax lien, Scott needs to have a clear title to get his loan. Jan and Bob are checking with GT county, will report back.

We are planning a rally on June 10th at Scott's house. IF his eviction does get officially cancelled... this will be a wonderful celebration rally (and beneficial for raising awareness). IF Scott Binkley's eviction does NOT get cancelled, this will be a camping protest! This way, we will be there through the night and into Monday June 11th, in case the sheriff decides to evict Scott at 12:01am ...we will be there!