Occupy Fights Foreclosures rallies in Sacramento for CA foreclosure moratorium

Occupy Fights Foreclosures, an offshoot of Occupy LA that is working with homeowners to stop fraudulent foreclosures, is joining a rally in Sacramento today alongside other Occupy groups, unions, and clergy leaders to call on California’s Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Kamala Harris, and state legislature to implement a statewide foreclosure moratorium.

“We are bringing together all of the organizations and people now working to stop these foreclosures, and who are angry about how the banks have been given hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money, yet continue to throw millions of families out of their homes instead of working out affordable loan modifications,” said a statement from rally organizers.

More details on today’s rally are available at Occupy Fights Foreclosures’ website. For live updates from the Sacramento rally, visit this page.

Occupy Fights Foreclosures has also published an open letter to California’s State Senators and Assembly Members calling for a strong Homeowners Bill of Rights. From the letter:

We know banks used fraud as a business model to reap unprecedented profits and bonuses. The banks’ fraud model has resulted in a scorched earth of foreclosures that are clearly illegal, according to San Francisco County’s own audits.

And we are only mid-way through this financial crisis.

We understand what’s at stake here.

To face this oncoming onslaught, we need a strong levee. The Homeowner Bill of Rights has the potential to be that strong levee. Current language gives homeowners strong protections from the abuses of dual tracking. The bill enables homeowners to demand banks verify the debt and empowers homeowners to stop sales when they have a reasonable belief that the bank has failed to comply with the law. It also gives recourse for families who’ve been victims of fraud to sue banks directly for the abuse.

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