Call out CitiBank: ¡Basta ya! Negotiate, don’t foreclose!

In Chicago, Communities United Against Foreclosures and Evictions has a call to action:

Eliceo Morales Martinez and his family have lived at 1943 N Kedvale for 27 years! Mr. Martinez refinanced his home loan in February of 2007. The unemployment crisis hit the Martinez family, but they still received rental income and could afford to pay CitiBank part of the mortgage. On February of 2011 CitiBank filed for foreclosure. The Martinez family has made two attempts to get a loan modification. Both times CitiBank has rejected them. After personally handing a public letter to a CitiBank rep and branch manager while staging a protest outside the bank, they were finally able to get an appointment with someone. At the meeting on May 24th, Brian Borgschulte from the New York office filled out a modification package. They were told that by May 30, 2012 they could have an answer. Mr. Borgschulte claimed their case was a priority.

Now, nearly a month has gone by and CitiBank refuses to even return phone calls. Multiple times the Martinez family has called the underwriter processing the loan, Araceli “Sally” Olvera. They have not heard from her at all. One of the reps who received the public letter assured the Martinez family that Ms. Olvera has called them. This seems very weird to the Martinez family, since they have no voicemails, missed calls, or record of receiving a call from the underwriter. The Martinez family also tried contacting Mr. Borgschulte. No response yet. Why is the Martinez family been ignored by CITIBANK? THIS IS NOT FAIR! CITIBANK SHOULD BE REMINDED TO TREAT CLIENTS WITH RESPECT AND ATTEND TO THEIR NEEDS…

Enough is enough! Tell Citibank: “Stop stealing people’s homes and treat your clients with respect! At the next court date on July 9, don’t move for summary judgment, CitiBank, when you won’t even call the Martinez family back! Stop ignoring the Martinez family and give them a modification! Stop ignoring your clients and give them a good faith negotiation!”

This Friday, take 2 minutes to call Brian Borgschulte at 636.261.6071. Then email and

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