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Occupy Our Homes DC's fight for Dawn Butler's Home

OccupyOurHomes on June 06, 2012
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For the second day in a row, Occupy Our Homes DC took to the streets to fight alongside a person who was standing up to the bank to keep their home. Activists came to the aid of Dawn Butler, a South East DC resident who had been a tenant in a home for over six years. The home was foreclosed, but contrary to DC tenant rights Butler was denied her right of first refusal by JP Morgan Chase. Butler has fought to buy the home from Chase since 2010, but the bank has ignored her. 

Over thirty Occupy Our Homes DC activists came to Butler's home yesterday as DC police and US Marshalls were poised to evict her on Chase's behalf. While Butler was in court trying again to stop the eviction, her mother was on hand as Occupy activists constructed a blockade at the front door of their home. US Marshalls and DC police eventually used brute force to remove the Occupiers who had peacefully sat down to defend Dawn's home. 

Melissa Byrne of Occupy Our Homes DC sent this report following the action.

Thanks for the support today. We set up our first hard defense against an eviction. The Federal Marshalls pulled us apart, dragged us downstairs,and knocked one person unconscious. We lost the house but the tenant is vowing to keep fighting.

Most importantly, we showed that it is critical to resist evictions. We are continuing to work with our neighbors.

While Dawn Butler was evicted, she's continuing to fight the bank through the legal system.

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