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Atlanta: Arrests at Chase Bank actions

OccupyOurHomes on March 12, 2012
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An urgent update from Occupy Glen Iris following protests this morning at Chase Bank branches in Atlanta:

This morning, at 9am, 5 Chase Bank locations were the target of civil disobedience in defense of the Pittman Family that lives at 404 Glen Iris. 6 members of the Occupy community, after dancing on their cars in the drive-thru at the West-End branch, tried to leave the parking lot and were blocked in by APD (yes, they were leaving the area). They have been arrested and we have reason to believe they have been taken to Rice St. (Fulton County Jail).

At least 3 have been detained at a separate location. We hear they're being released.

Today, March 12th, 2012, we are going after Chase bank branches in the metro Atlanta area. We are Take Back the Block and Occupy Atlanta. This is our third time stopping Chase’s businesses from operating. We want the deed to the Pittman home, located at 404 Glen Iris, and a moratorium on foreclosures.

Today, Atlanta shuts Chase down. Tomorrow, on Jamie Dimon’s birthday, the nation will join us in disrupting their abominable practices.

Our actions are intended for the owners of Chase Bank. They are not intended for the low paid workers of these local branches who make money for Chase. Chase executives--without employee input--throw people out of their homes. We refuse to live in a world where it is acceptable for bosses to make millions of dollars while we are left homeless and poor.

We refuse to comply with the terms of Chase bank, an agent of the system that harms us shamelessly. We do not accept buying back the Pittman home at market value; we do not accept cash for keys. We demand that Chase Bank work with the Pittman Family in a way that doesn't set them up to fail. We won’t stop until we have the deed.

Tonight, at 7pm, Outside of Fulton County Jail (901 Rice St. Atlanta, Georgia 30318), there will be a noise demo for our comrades locked behind enemy lines. Bring pots, pans, horns, drums, voices, friends and family. In a direct action movement of civil disobedience this could be any of you locked up next time. Let's make sure they know they aren't alone!

Occupy Atlanta is accepting donations for the legal expenses connected to the people who were arrested while protesting Chase Bank.