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Ohio: Take action to stop the Bayless family's eviction

OccupyOurHomes on March 14, 2012

On Wednesday, March 14 2012: Email, Phone, and Fax all the below entities:

Today March 14th, 2012 we ask American Citizens along with any and all Concerned Citizens, Homeowners, and activist Occupy members to take direct action. Please email, phone and/or fax ALL the 1% (entities) listed below which have participated in the fraudulent attempts to steal the home from the Bayless Family in Delaware Ohio, (North Columbus). THEY ARE COMING….AGAIN…THURSDAY March 15th at 9:00am…unless we STOP THEM.

We ask you “Take Action” to protest any further eviction attempts on this family. Homeowners & citizens across America and in Ohio – Please contact the 1%: US BANK Corporate Trust, their profiteering servicing partner Wells Fargo and the two Ohio based Predator Drone foreclosure mill firms Lerner, Sampson, Rothfuss (LSR) and Thompson Hine LLP, hired to execute criminal acts in our courts. The behavior of the 1% - if allowed to go unchecked - will exacerbate the foreclosure crisis, affecting millions of families, and continue to destroy the lives, families & economy for the remaining 99%.

See the release below for action opportunities from Ohio Fraudclosure Blog:

News Advisory: Bayless Family Eviction 3/14/12