M15: Fight BAC: Foreclose on Bank of America

Join in this huge action by the FightBAC and FtheBanks.org group of Occupy Wall Street today in New York City:

Bank of America (BAC) is a morally and financially dead “zombie bank” poised to shock the entire global economy into crisis. Its time to FightBAC and break up the bank! On March 15th, we will Foreclose on Bank of America.

Bank of America (BAC) gambled with Americans’ homes and lost, but America has been the one to pay the price. Now BAC is trying to stave off the bankruptcy it deserves by kicking millions of Americans out of our homes.

We’re not going to let them. On March 15, Americans will move into BAC branches across the country and take back what’s rightfully ours: HOME. Bring a chair, a bed, a potted plant. Get ready to move in.

BAC has been foreclosing on America for years. But SPRING IS COMING, and America is ready to FIGHT BAC!