M16: San Francisco Family to Re-Occupy Home After Eviction by Wells Fargo

In a strategy that is a growing trend for homeowners that have been wrongfully evicted from their homes, a Bayview family will re-claim their home from Wells Fargo. In the last month, more and more homeowners across the country have re-occupied their homes from big banks after being evicted. Foreclosure Fighters, community members and supporters are announcing the family is refusing to leave the home and will continue to take back homes until the banks instill a moratorium and work with borrowers.

WHAT: Press Conference and Home Re-Occupation
WHEN: Friday, March 16th 10 am
WHERE: 1335 Quesada Ave., San Francisco 94124, Home Foreclosure Fighter and Successful Home Re-Occupier
WHO: Family who will re-claim home after foreclosure and eviction, unions, and community groups and Occupy Activists

“I had submitted the paperwork to the bank (Wells Fargo) for a modification,” says family who will re-claim their home this Friday, ”and while their modification department was saying they were working with me, their foreclosure department sold my home from underneath me. I didn’t find out our home was sold until the Sheriffs came with a notice to vacate. I want Wells Fargo to rescind the sale of my home and offer me an affordable modification.”

The family are long time Bayview residents. They purchased their home with hopes to raise their children in the community near family. Neighbors are supporting this family and others, as they take action to keep families in their homes.

Last November, Vivian Richardson and Carolyn Gage, ACCE Foreclosure Fighters and Bayview residents one block from each other, fought their respective banks despite pending eviction and having been evicted. Within a month of their actions, both their respective banks called to work out solutions that lead them to stay in their homes.

Carolyn Gage, ACCE member and the last person to re-claim her home: “We continue to lose families every day. These are our neighbors, people we grew up with. Our community continues to be destroyed and displaced. AG Harris took a step in the right direction and Phil Ting’s report shows evidence of illegality in the foreclosure process, but the banks continue to foreclosure and kick people out of their home. I stood up and fought and I got my house back. But we shouldn’t have to do this. And until these banks do the right thing, this is what we’re going to have to do as a community to take our community back.”

Despite the AG settlement and the recent SF Assessor’s report that demonstrates evidence that 84% of homes foreclosed on between 2009 and 2011 were illegal, relief to borrowers in forms of restitution and affordable modifications will be in enacted several months from now. Borrowers will still continue to be foreclosed on until then.

Contrary to recent statements from banks, borrowers continue to be denied affordable modifications.

Wells Fargo homeowners and a large statewide coalition of community groups, labor unions, religious and elected leaders are demanding that Wells Fargo initiate a widespread principal and interest reduction program that fixes all underwater mortgages and offers families sustainable monthly payments. The groups are also demanding that Wells Fargo stop all foreclosure and eviction proceedings for 9 months as the Attorneys General multi-state mortgage settlement is completed and relief reaches California homeowners.

Recently, the campaign, in alliance with Occupy Bernal, protested in front of Dignity Health and the offices of Lloyd Dean, CEO of Dignity Health and Board of Director of Wells Fargo. The campaign plans a major protest outside Wells Fargo’s annual shareholder meeting later this spring calling on the bank to enact widespread mortgage principal reduction.

California residents who want to know their rights and options in the fight to save their home can call the ACCE ( Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment) Home Defenders League, 877-633-9251 or visit www.calorganize.org.

California residents who want to find out how to get the Banks to help fix the economy can visit www.MakeBanksPayCalifornia.com.