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Occupy Homes MN and Supporters Claim Victory, Delay Homeowner's Eviction

on March 05, 2012

A broad coalition of faith leaders and community organizations are claiming a small victory today, having further delayed homeowner Monique White's eviction after Freddie Mac defied Minnesota's Attorney General's request to halt the eviction so they could investigate her case. In a closed door meeting of attorneys for both sides and the Court Referee all agreed to move the hearing to an actual Trial date of Friday, March 9th at 1:30pm. In the meantime Monique's Attorney's, including Rachel E. B. Lang, Representative Bobby Joe Champion and the State Attorney General's office, will continue to probe into the alleged mishandling of procedures during the foreclosure process.

"Despite Freddie Mac's attempt to ram Monique's eviction through, about 100 supporters packed the courtroom and we successfully delayed the hearing until Friday at 1:30PM. In the meantime we will continue to pursue all our legal options make sure the Attorney General has more time to do a full investigation into her case to be sure no fraud or illegal activity took place, and to build pressure on US Bank to make things right." Said Occupy Homes MN Organizer Nick Espinosa

Congressman Keith Ellison released a statement supporting the Minnesota Attorney General Office’s request that the Monday March 5, 2012, eviction be postponed for Monique White. Congressman Ellison stands with the Attorney General and other local elected officials in requesting time for a full review of Ms. White’s case. “I encourage US Bank and Freddie Mac to act in good faith and negotiate a solution that works well for all parties and allows Monique and her children to keep their home.” Said Congressman Ellison

In the past few weeks, Occupy Homes MN activists have received statements of support for White's fight against foreclosure not only from Ellison, but also from several State Representatives and the majority of the members of the Minneapolis City Council. "I call on US Bank to rework Monique White's loan so she can stay in her home. When US Bank needed help, they received a $6.6 billion taxpayer loan. Now it is time for US Bank to return the favor and help taxpayers like Monique. Minneapolis can't withstand more vacant homes, longer lines at homeless shelters or crumbling real estate values," said City Council member Gary Schiff, speaking at a noon press conference held by Occupy Homes MN.

"US Bank has made false claims that they have no ability to fix Monique's loan, so let's be clear: That is the exact same thing the Lenders said about fixing Bobby Hull's loan right before they called to negotiate. US Bank and Freddie Mac have been working together on Monique's loan since 2005, and could certainly work together now to solve her situation." Said Anthony Newby of Neighborhoods Organizing for Change.

Hundreds of supporters have made calls and sent emails calls asking Freddie Mac to halt the eviction, and over 6,400 have signed a petition asking US Bank to modify her loan so she and her family can stay in their home.

Occupy Homes MN has worked with White and her family since last October making national and international news, setting up tents in her front yard, holding rallies and marches, and coordinating phone-in and email campaigns to ask the banks to work to keep White, a single mother working two jobs, in her home.

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