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MN: Take Action To Help the Cruz Family

OccupyOurHomes on May 24, 2012
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(Updated below)

Yesterday over 100 community members successfully forced the sheriffs and police to retreat after they tried to evict the Cruz family's home

While the house is secure for now, it is still under threat of imminent eviction.

We urgently need your support to demand a negotiation on the Cruz family’s mortgage.The Cruz family home fell into foreclosure after PNC Bank failed to withdraw a monthly payment, then demanded two months’ late payment for their own mistake. For over three weeks, Occupy Homes has occupied the Cruz family home in a round the clock eviction blockade at 4044 Cedar Avenue in South Minneapolis. After failing to clear the house of Occupy Homes activists and lockdown devices, they left.

Please support the Cruz family, and supporters continuing to risking arrest in the house by calling these numbers with the following demands. Together, we can put the pressure on banks and authorities to support the Cruz family and set a new precedent in the anti-foreclosure movement.

Please take five minutes to call these five people:

1) Fred Solomon, PR executive for PNC Bank at (412) 762-7544

-Demand PNC 1) to renegotiate the Cruz’s mortgage AND 2) to tell Freddie Mac to halt the eviction

2) Brad German, PR executive for Freddie Mac at (703) 903-2437

-Demand that Freddie Mac halt the eviction of the Cruz family.

3) Richard W. Stanek, Sheriff of Hennepin County at (612) 348-3744

-Tell him "shame on you!" for attempting to evict the home days after we informed him the bank was negotiating with the family. Demand that they not evict the home.

4) Inspector Lucy Gerold, Minneapolis Police Department Precinct 3 at (612) 673-5703 (Press 3 and ask for Lucy)

-Demand that they hold off on using the police to evict while the bank is in negotiations with the Cruz family.

5) Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak at (612) 673-2100

-Demand that he not send the police to evict while the bank is in negotiations with the family

For more ways to support click here or donate here.

Thank you for your support,

Occupy Homes MN


Today our brothers and sisters from Occupy Pittsburgh brought a delegation of 14 people to the PNC headquarters on behalf of the Cruz Family!

They were delivering a very large letter (3 feet by 2 feet) to Executive VP Ray King, asking for two things:

To tell Freddie Mac to halt the eviction and renegotiate a fair mortgage so the Cruz's can stay in their home.

After great persistent and reasoning with the 10 security guards brought in for back up, the delegation said they were not going to leave unless they met with someone. Ten minutes later Executive VP Dan Taylor came down, took the letter and said he would deal with this today and talk to the family!

The Delegation told Dan that if he didn't deal with it today, they would be back...

The power of organizing and coming together prevails...However, the fight is not over as we do not have a concrete agreement.

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