VICTORY: The Ward Family & Occupy Birmingham Stop a Bank of America Foreclosure

Great news from Birmingham, Alabama. After months of organizing and fighting to keep their home, the Ward family has won! Bank of America has stopped their foreclosure sale and has worked out a deal with the family that will keep them in their home. Left in Alabama reports: 

The Ward family always made their payments on time.  They were the victim of fraud on the part of their real estate agent, but B of A was going to take their house anyway.  It’s called wrongful foreclosure — the homeowners hold up their end of the bargain but someone else in the long financial instrument chain drops the ball. 

Last winter Occupy Birmingham stepped in, raised the profile of this case and now B of A has worked out a deal with the Wards.  The paperwork is being cleared up and Maurita and Steven Ward are thrilled to be able to make mortgage payments on their home.

Congratulations to Maurita and Steven Ward, to Occupy Birmingham and everyone around the country who came together to support the Wards.