A Victory for Lesliane Bouchard

Last December Lesliane Bouchard and her daughter Kristiane Chappell called on the Occupy Our Homes movement to help the disabled and bedridden school teacher keep her home in Murrietta, California. Lesliane was facing foreclosure from First Mortgage Corporation, despite her being qualified for federal modification programs which would allow her to stay in it if First Mortgage participated in them. Along with Occupy Our Homes activists, Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy San Diego, Occupy Wall Street, ACCE, the Urban League of San Diego and local elected officials joined together with over 41,000 petition signers at Change.org to work with Kristiane on behalf of Lesliane and help her stay in her home. After months of hard work and campaigning, Kristiane has posted great news on her blog.

The loan for the new house funded today. My mom’s situation has officially been resolved, we just need to move her to the new house. Not exactly how I wanted, but I’ll take this and be good with it.

I want to say thank you to everyone who helped. Thank you doesn’t cover it really, I spent the last year or so fighting this, and in the beginning often times I was discouraged, tired, angry, and just feeling like there was never going to be an end that wasn’t bad. That all changed about 9 months ago, after months of following up every lead, every shot in the dark, calling, writing and emailing every office of every elected official or government agency I could, I started to see glimmers of light in the form of people who cared enough to step in and help. One person would segue to another lead, who knew someone in a group, who could tell me where to call about something else. This has been a winding and crazy road, and I couldn’t have gotten to this point in it without all of the amazing support I received.

This is an outcome which happened because of how hard Kristiane and Lesliane and the community around them fought for a just solution. Lesliane will have a home, where she will be near her family and be able to get the care she needs. Thank you to all the Occupy Our Homes activists who supported Lesliane’s fight and congratulations to Lesliane and Kristiane.