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Make a Call to Fifth Third Bank: Keep Mary Bonelli & Lionel Torres In Their Homes!

Shab Bashiri on November 16, 2012
Posted in: Home Defense

Take 5 minutes to support Lionel & Mary's fight for their homes by joining their call-in campaign to Fifth Third Bank. 

According to Chicago-based Communities United Against Foreclosure and Eviction:

Mary Bonelli and Lionel Torres, two homeowners on Chicago's west side, are joining together with Communities United Against Foreclosure and Eviction in their fight to save their homes from Fifth Third Bank. Mary's family has been in their home for three generations, and they have paying banks for the home the entire time. But in 2011, Mary fell into foreclosure because of an error in the automatic payment system used by Fifth Third Bank. Her home has now been sold to Fannie Mae and Mary, 76, faces eviction within the next two months. Though Mary suffers from lymphedema and can barely walk, she is standing up for her home and the community she's lived in all her life. 

Lionel purchased his modest, 2-bedroom home for $124,000 in 2009 after the building he had rented in for years was converted into condos, and renters were told they could either buy in or get out. But Lionel's condo is now severely underwater—another unit in the building was recently on the market for just $29,000. Though he is now retired and on a fixed income, Lionel could afford to meet monthly payments if the principal on his mortgage were reduced to reflect the current value of the home. He wants to remain in his condo to be close to his son and four grandchildren, who he often helps care for. 

Tell Fifth Third Bank: I'm calling on behalf of Mary Bonelli, who lives at 2334 N Mason and Lionel Torres, who lives at 4001 W Palmer. Fifth Third Bank has refused to work with either of these homeowners, but I'll continue to support their fight for their homes. Rescind Mary Bonelli's unjust foreclosure, and give Lionel a fair negotiation!

Call Fifth Third Vice President Andrew Hayes at 312-704-4179 and Mark Schlotterbeck at 513-358-3358,

e-mail and

You can also sign the petition for Mary here, and Lionel here