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US Bank & GMAC Move to Evict Former Police Officer & Cancer Patient Jacqueline Barber: Take 5 Minutes to Call & Save Her Home!

Shab Bashiri on November 20, 2012
Posted in: Home Defense

Back in October, retired police officer and cancer patient Jacqueline Barber joined up with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta to fight against her impending eviction by US Bank. Her story inspired and outraged people all over the world and spread far and wide. Thousands of people signed petitions, made phone calls, marched on the bank, and showed their support for Jacqueline and her family. 

After US Bank pawned off the responsibility of her mortgage to GMAC, and after pressure from supporters, Jacqueline started what she thought was the negotiation process with GMAC. They sent out an appraiser, and the Barber family has been ready and waiting to buy back their home from the bank once and for all. Now after weeks of waiting in what in they thought were good faith negotiations, it appears that the banks aren't living up to their word. 

Yesterday, Jacqueline received a dispossessory notice showing that US Bank has resumed the eviction process.  As we approach this special time of year, it seems that for US Bank and GMAC, putting a woman who is battling cancer and her four grandchildren out on the street is their idea of happy holiday. 


Can you take 5 minutes today to help Jacqueline save her home, by making a phone call and sending an email to US Bank & GMAC with a simple message:

Halt all eviction proceedings against Jacqueline Barber immediately. Return to the negotiation table and work out a deal that keeps Jacqueline and her family in their home at 160 Stearman Rd in Fayetteville, GA. 


Please call and email Richard Davis, CEO of US Bank  at (612) 482-0218


Dana Dillard, Senior Vice President of GMAC Mortgage at  (214)874-2269 


For more info on Jacqueline's story and to sign or share her petition, click here.