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Urgent: Help stop Marc & Pearl Simon's eviction by Chase & Fannie Mae

OccupyOurHomes on November 09, 2012
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Update (11/9/12):

I just got word from Marc that they've received a 30 day stay of eviction. He will keep fighting to get a long-term solution, but he and his mother are safe for today.


Marc Simon recently created a petition on, asking Fannie Mae and JP Morgan Chase to stop the eviction of him and his 86 year old mother Pearl from their home. Despite their efforts, Marc and Pearl are facing eviction today, November 9th. Marc has issued a plea for support and a call to action. He writes:

This is Marc Simon again in regards to the pending eviction situation of me and my mother Pearl. Chase Bank, in a postal letter, stated that it would get back to us by November 6, but instead have still not gotten back to me or my local attorney, Matt McKeever, who has repeatedly tried calling Scott Pullins at Chase, the designated contact mentioned by Chase in its letter. Fannie Mae has been highly aggressive in wanting to evict us -- instead of the normal approach of the Sheriff coming and telling the occupant(s) that they have ten days to leave their home, Fannie Mae tried to get an eviction immediately at the time the Sheriff arrived Tuesday. This is highly unusual -- local evictions are quite rarely carried out this way. (There was a humanitarian bone in the attorney for Fannie Mae [who came along with the Sheriff], who did grant us three additional days to vacate, despite Fannie Mae wanting it otherwise.)

Again, Pearl is an 86-year-old woman who needs continual watching over due to her health situation, and she has been in her home for about 52 years now. The way that Fannie Mae and Chase are treating her and us is unconscionable. The psychological toll that this is taking on Pearl is almost unimaginable. I've tried to avoid using the term "predatory loan" in what was made to my mother and especially my deceased elderly father who suffered a massive brain-impairing stroke, who were both in their 80s at the time of the loan's origination. But, let's call the loan what it was: a predatory loan.

If Chase wants to stonewall in this way, I have a suggestion for Chase: I'll work to get a class-action suit on the part of the advanced elderly and the seriously disabled who were given grossly unmanageable (i.e., predatory) mortgage loans by Chase from mid-2006 to late 2007, when it should have been clear to Chase that the housing and mortgage markets were collapsing. If Fannie Mae wants to be heartless and perhaps vindictive to this 86-year-old disabled woman in its eviction efforts, I can use the crowdsource-funding mechanism to let the public know, via TV ads, just how robustly generous Fannie Mae is to the big banks such as Chase in bailing them out with much profit to boot -- on mortgage loans in which perhaps 10 percent of the mortgage amount needed to be on hand at the time of origination. Obviously, if Fannie Mae wasn't so generous in helping the banks this way, there just might be more aid left for, say, the vulnerable elderly out there who were victims of predatory mortgage loans.

I will shift from a reactive to a more conciliatory, proactive approach regarding housing justice if Chase and Fannie Mae will work together to not evict us the way it is doing -- or at least work to get us back into our home quickly. And, I wasn't even trying to re-gain ownership of the home -- just to get two years so that I know that I can support my disabled mother, given my own disabilities I've experienced. I personally have struggled with extremely severe disabilities myself regarding anxiety and depressive disorders that many wouldn't have survived. I know how to fight -- especially against those who don't have a heart. And, by the way, my mother was just successful, after a three-year battle, to get her VA funds based upon her deceased husband's World War II-era service, and I was just successful with an appeal to the US Department of Education in getting my funds to finish up school. (I got temporarily "evicted from school" recently due to the delay in getting these funds.) Thus, we can pay for those two years -- even more than I mentioned in my petition -- but things are still tight with us; I need to get re-employed; and I need a stable, safe place where I can watch over my mother.

Supporters, I would most appreciate if you would help me in this fight, too. Thank you much for your kindness, concern, and activism. Please let Chase and Fannie Mae know how you feel, too. Thank you again so much for your help. --In earnest spirit, Marc Simon

Please take action for Marc and Pearl right away by signing their petition to Chase and Fannie Mae, then please ask your friends to do the same.

Stop Marc & Pearl's Eviction