Atlanta: Jacqueline Barber APD veteran and cancer patient faces eviction hearing

On Thursday, October 11th, 2012 at 09:00am, Occupy Our Homes Atlanta will stand with Jacqueline Barber as she goes before the court in the US Northern District of Georgia; 18 Greenville St, Newnan, GA 30263.

We will be holding a press conference outside of the courthouse at 11:00AM to announce the outcome of the hearing and our next steps to escalate Jacqueline’s campaign.

This past Monday active and retired APD officers joined Jacqueline Barber, her four grandchildren, and Occupy Our Homes ATL to let US Bank and GMAC know that Jacqueline will not be evicted.

While Jacqueline was getting bone marrow transplants and fighting cancer she was working towards a modification with Wells Fargo and America’s Servicing Company. After being given hope for a modification, Wells Fargo then decided to foreclose with US Bank’s blessing. US Bank then purchased Jacqueline’s home at auction. Now, six months later with no recorded transfer of title, US Bank claims that GMAC is calling the shots and pushing for Jacqueline’s eviction. In less than a year four financial institutions have claimed to be responsible for matters concerning Jacqueline’s home. This is emblematic of the housing crisis. Jacqueline’s home passed through the hands of so many financial institutions that no one, including the financial institutions, knows exactly who owns exactly what.

US Bank and their servicer GMAC are now demanding that the family vacate the property immediately, even refusing to sell it back to Jacqueline’s friends and family members who were more than willing to purchase the home back from them. Desperate to put off the eviction and find a way to stay in her home, Jacqueline filed for bankruptcy in August which granted her a temporary stay from the eviction. This Thursday October 11th US Bank is taking Jacqueline to court to demand the judge lift the stay, allow them to evict the family, and force Jacqueline to pay their legal fees on top of it.

Press Contacts:
Rob Call: 678 – 910 – 8559
Tim Franzen: 404 – 414 – 5521

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