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Occupy LA, Occupy FIGHTS FORECLOSURE, HOME DEFENSE ALLIANCE, LUCERO FAMILY, foreclosed homeowners, and the community ERECT barricade TO STOP EVICTION and call a press conference to voice their demands

on October 15, 2012
Posted in: Home Defense

On September 27, 2012, Atlantic and Pacific Real Estate and Los Angeles Sheriff department acted on Deutsche Bank's instructions, ignored a court order, and illegally locked out the Lucero family from their home of 15 years. With no other place to go and after living in their car, the Lucero family reached out to Occupy LA for help.

In response, Occupy LA is mobilizing their home owner activists to form a resistance against the wrongful eviction. They will barricade themselves and demand attention to their case until the home is returned to the rightful owners: the Lucero family.

Occupy Fights Foreclosures, a subcommittee of Occupy LA, is dedicated to end the bank abuse against home owners, the families, and the communities in which they live. "I have worked closely with dozens of home owners. I have seen widespread abuse by financial institutions that continue their financial terrorism against working families," says Carlos Marroquin, "Unless we resist, abuses will continue."

WHO: Occupy LA, Occupy Fights Foreclosures, homeowners, and East LA community
WHEN: October 15, 2012 at 5:00PM
WHERE: 4748 Hammel St., Los Angeles, CA 90022
WHY: Deutsche Bank National Trust Company violates Federal Judge’s order, wrongfully forecloses, and illegally evicts the Lucero Family
WHAT: Occupy LA activists are barricading the home to stop the eviction