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Victory for Steve Boudreaux!

OccupyOurHomes on October 17, 2012

Great news from Steve Boudreaux & Occupy Our Homes Atlanta: Steve won! Here's the email Steve sent out to supporters yesterday:

The short version (and a spoiler alert!): I am keeping my home!

Some of you already know much of my story- how I reached out to the Occupy Our Homes Atlanta in desperation, literally when all hope seemed lost. Despondent after a representative with Wells-Fargo refused to consider my loan modification, and with less than 24 hours before my home was to be auctioned as a foreclosure, I called Allie with Occupy Our Homes, Atlanta, and I was immediately amazed and heartened by the response- OOHA mobilized several people, none who knew me, who stood with me on the courthouse steps, showing potential buyers that buying my home would come with, well, "problems!" The support brought real tears to my eyes, and the results that day- no one bid on my home!- would prove to be just the tip of the spear.

Over the next several months, OOHA would organize on-the-ground protest actions at Wells-Fargo branches, and even at the Atlanta Regional Fannie-Mae office, have over 1,400 people sign an on-line petition, many who don't know me personally but heard my story and recognized in it a similar plight their family members or friends were facing, and organized call-in drives to Wells Fargo. My spirits sagged, several times- but OOHA kept at it, as if they knew something I dared not believe. Those actions made the powers that be at Wells-Fargo and Fannie Mae realize that the Occupy Movement, far from being "no longer relevant" as some misguided people had been lead to believe, is a force to be reckoned with. We- and that includes YOU- have achieved the almost unheard-of feat of having Wells-Fargo and Fannie-Mae approve a load modification well AFTER the foreclosure sale.

That is almost NEVER done, but WE have done it! You should all congratulate yourselves, and each other, on a job VERY well done. I could not have done it without all of you! Everyone who signed my petition, called the bank on my behalf, everyone who organized and participated in direct actions, I owe you debt of gratitude, this is truly our victory!

I won't let fight to stop with my home, I’m committed to pay it forward and help the next person. And the next. I’m asking everyone if they can do two things to support this important work:

1. Can you help my friend Jacqueline Barber who’s facing immediate eviction by signing her online petition:

2. Can you make an online donation to Occupy Our Homes ATL. Your donation, big or small, makes this important work possible.

Again, thank you all so much! In the next few days, I will be making this announcement publicly and I can’t wait to have you all over to my house for a big foreclosure free cookout!

In Deepest Gratitude and Service,

Steve Boudreaux
In Solidarity,
Occupy Our Homes ATL

This is fantastic news. Steve had fought long and hard for his home. He and Occupy Our Homes Atlanta created a petition for Steve on that garnered almost 1,900 signatures. Combining the support from OOH ATL, Steve's neighbors and community, and online supporters from around the country, he was able to win and keep his home.

Steve's story truly shows the power of the Occupy Our Homes movement - when homeowners stand up and fight back, when they build power in their community, they can beat the banks and keep their homes!