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MN: A step forward for John & Lucinda Vinje

OccupyOurHomes on September 13, 2012
Posted in: Home Defense

Anthony Newby from Occupy Homes MN sends along this great update:

Some good news! As most of you know, John and Lucinda Vinje have been fighting an unjust Freddie Mac eviction in housing Court for the last few weeks. In response John filed a Temporary Restraining Order (or TRO), without the help of an attorney, and asked the court Referee to move the entire proceeding and process to District Court where ALL of the egregious crimes committed by US Bank in this case can be exposed. Today the referee granted the TRO!!

This means an immediate halt to Freddie Mac's eviction action. It also means that the Hennepin County sheriff's office can no longer move to evict the family. Not only will the District Court proceedings take months to decide, the Vinje's have amassed enough evidence of fraudulent Bank practices for them to actually win the case...and their home back. Let's pay close attention to these new Cort proceedings and show up to hearings and testimony when we can. Feels like another victory might be on the way!