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MN: Take action today to support residents in Eviction Free Zone

Shab Bashiri on April 08, 2013
Posted in: Home Defense

Occupy Homes MN is holding a call-in campaign to Chase Bank today in support of three residents in the "Eviction Free Zone" fighting to save their homes. 

In South Minneapolis, eight families have declared their neighborhoods an Eviction Free Zone, pledging to support neighbors facing foreclosure and eviction, and demanding that vacant properties be turned over to community control. They've already had one victory, as Gayle Lindsey recently won a modification from M&T Bank last month. Now three residents are joining forces against mega-bank Chase, to see what happens when they ask for negotiations together. 

From Occupy Homes MN: 

Jaymie Kelly, Sergio Ceballos, and Paula Medlock are neighbors in South Minneapolis all facing eviction from JP Morgan Chase. All three have worked their whole lives, are proud union members, and can afford to pay a mortgage. But Chase Bank--which is currently under FBI investigation for its role in causing the housing crisis--would rather throw them out than negotiate to keep them in their homes. And Jaymie and Sergio could face eviction as soon as this month.

Can you make a quick call to ask Chase to negotiate?

Call Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon at 212-270-1111* and ask him to negotiate with the South Minneapolis Three!

Here's a sample script:

"Hi, my name is __________ and I'm calling from ______. I'm calling to demand Chase Bank work out fair modifications for the South Minneapolis Three. Jaymie Kelly, Sergio Ceballos, and Paula Medlock are hardworking union members who can afford to pay a mortgage. They have the support of their whole neighborhood and people around the country. Chase played a huge role in causing this crisis--now it's time to stop the damage and start stabilizing our communities."

*This number has no voicemail, so if you don't get an answer, call back during business hours!

When you're done, let us know how it went!

RSVP to our call-in on Facebook and tell us what happened.

We know that when we stand together, we can win unprecedented victories. With your support, we can show Wall Street bankers that they are no match for a community fighting their illegal and immoral practices together.

"My life is a banyan tree, and my roots are in my neighborhood," says Jaymie. "I am not moving."


Support the Eviction Free Zone!