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Victory! Fannie Mae Calls Off Springfield, MA Eviction in Face of Blockade

Becky Dernbach on January 11, 2013
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We are pleased to announce that Fannie Mae informed the Clark family today that they would be putting off the eviction for 30 days to work on a potential buyback deal through Boston Community Capital! This is a huge victory due to the dedication of the whole movement fighting back against evictions and foreclosures. 

Since receiving the 48-Hour Move Out Notice on Tuesday, countless Springfield Bank Tenant Association (SBTA) members and allies have been phone-banking Fannie Mae's offices; we've put out a public announcement of our eviction blockade efforts to sit-down, risk arrest and defend the Clark family home; and we called on our elected officials to stand with the Clark Family and the SBTA by calling Fannie Mae and asking them to stop the eviction and NEGOTIATE. Senator John Kerry, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Representative Richards Neal's offices all got on the phones over the past couple of days. As did Ward 2 City Councilor Mike Fenton. We thank all of them for their support. 

Attorneys from Community Legal Aid also supported the family, moving quickly to file an emergency motion to vacate the judgement and stay the eviction. After bringing the motion forward FNMA informed the family that they had planned to postpone the eviction proceedings for 30 days. 

Just 3 months after our successful eviction blockade with the Mendez family, Fannie Mae backed down just at the prospect of our resistance - but we will never back down! We're committed to fighting back against all no-fault and unnecessary evictions! For now our eviction blockade is off, but if needed we'll be right in front of 114 Corona St to block this eviction. 

The Clark family will continue to attempt to negotiate with FNMA, but hundreds of families continue to be evicted by Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac after foreclosure nationwide. Check out for frequent updates on the Bank Tenant Movement and to find out how you can get involved in the ongoing movement to fight for housing for people before profit and fight back against the banks! 



DON’T EVICT, NEGOTIATE! Springfield Residents to sit-down, risk arrest to block unnecessary eviction of Clark Family by Fannie Mae on Monday Morning. 

Christine and Howard Clark, and their three children (18 mos., 11, 17) are being evicted by the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) after foreclosure. The Clark family fell behind on their predatory mortgage with CitiMortgage after Christine, a long-time CNA was struck in a major car accident, leaving them without significant income for more than two years as she recovered. Christine is working again full-time and has steady income, Howard continues to work as a fence-installer. 

The family has repeatedly offered to pay rent to Fannie Mae to prevent eviction and keep their children with a roof over their head and the home occupied. Most recently the Clarks even found a non-profit bank called Boston Community Capital pre-approved them for a mortgage to repurchase their home at the current value from Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae has refused to consider either offer, or negotiate with BCC, and are choosing to evict another family in the dead of winter. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have also recently begun bulk-selling thousands of vacant & foreclosed properties for pennies on the dollar to hedge funds and investors.

“These evictions are senseless,” explains Sellou Diaite who successfully repurchased her home after Fannie Mae foreclosed in 2011. “Fannie Mae is owned by US taxpayers after they were bailed out. Selling back to the Clark family or accepting their rent is good for the family, for FNMA and for their shareholders too! But rather than work with the family, they are evicting for no reason, and then selling off homes to the same people that got us in this mess in the first place. We won’t stand for that, we will block this eviction!” 

The Springfield Bank Tenant Association organized a similar eviction blockade in support of the Mendez Family in October 2012 against Aurora Bank. After a 2-hour sit-in, Aurora Bank backed down and is now negotiating with the family. 

“When the banks and the laws stop doing what’s right by the people, we have the right to resist and fight back,” says Alex Beauregard, an SBTA member who plans to risk arrest at Monday’s blockade. 

For more information on the Clark Family struggles and demands see


WHAT: Clark Family Eviction Blockade VS. Federal National Mortgage Association 

WHEN: Monday January 14th, 2013 at 8:30 AM (Move-Out Scheduled for 9:00 AM)

WHERE: 114 Corona St, Springfield, Massachusetts 01104 (off of St. James Avenue) 

WHO: On Monday January 14th, residents facing foreclosure & eviction, neighbors and supporters of the Springfield Bank Tenant Association will sit down in front of the Clark Family home and risk arrest, in an act of Civil Disobedience, to block the unnecessary no-fault eviction of the family by Fannie Mae. Hundreds of neighbors and supporters will join onto a picket line to support and protest.