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Call to action: Former Chicago police officer faces imminent eviction

Shab Bashiri on July 10, 2013
Posted in: Home Defense

After more than a year of seeking to resolve a dispute with her mortgage modification, former Chicago police officer Pat Hill is now facing imminent eviction for the second time. The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, which has been fighting alongside Pat, has put a call out to supporters, asking them to call Ocwen CEO, Ronald Farris, and demand a halt to eviction proceedings immeditately. 

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21-year Chicago Police Department veteran. Educator. Longtime community activist. Educator. Elder Foreclosure fraud victim. Patricia Hill is all those things, but most importantly, she’s a fighter. And right now she’s fighting for her home.

Sister Pat spent 21 years on the Chicago police force, during which she spent many years fighting discrimination and corruption. In 2009, Bank of New York Mellon purchased her mortgage and had its servicer increase her mortgage payments by $600 for insurance. When she disputed the increase, they deemed her delinquent and foreclosed on her.


In July 2011, Pat got notice that her home had been sold at a Sheriff Sale for $170,000, an amount nearly half of what the bank told her she owed. When she tried to contact the bank that purchased it at auction, they refused to listen to her. Pat is a fighter who doesn't give up and because of that, her community supports her.

A year ago, the Sheriff came to put her and her tenants out. On that day, we came out and stood with her, and because of that, the bank's representatives agreed to keep her in her home (see: We began negotiating an agreement with the bank to keep her in her home. 
Sister Pat was in the process of negotiating an agreement that would get her back her home when she found out that it had been transferred to another bank, Ocwen Financial Services. This new bank refused to honor any of the earlier agreements. Instead, Ocwen and Bank of New York Mellon have been working aggressively in court to evict her and her tenants once again.

Ocwen Financial Services is also a company notorious for shipping jobs overseas, creating tax havens in the Virgin Islands, and defrauding customers.

Call and email Ocwen CEO Ronald Faris at 561-682-8560 (office) and 561-775-8754 (home). Tell him to stop the eviction and make a deal that Pat and her family can afford. (sample script below). To make sure he gets the message, also send him an email at and

Script: “Hi, my name is _________ and I'm calling on behalf of retired police officer Patricia Hill at 3811 S. Wabash in Chicago, Illinois, zip code 60653. Pat now faces imminent eviction, even though Bank of New York Mellon's mortgage servicer fraudulently foreclosed on her. I understand that after foreclosure, Altisource originally offered to work out a buyback agreement with her, but has since failed to provide her with a single point of contact and has aggressively pursued her eviction instead. We demand that you call off Patricia Hill's eviction and offer her family a deal they can afford to keep them in their home. They can be reached at 773-236-0559"

Pat was never shy about standing up racism and corruption in the police department. Now, facing an post-foreclosure eviction, she’s on the verge of having her home stolen by the same bankers who destroyed our economy, left more than 4 million families homeless, and left our neighborhoods blighted by vacant homes.

Please make the call. You can report what happened on the call by clicking here and leaving a comment