13 cities take action to demand Chase Bank negotiate with the Ceballos family

Last week, people in thirteen cities across the country took part in a day of action against Chase Bank in solidarity with Minneapolis homeowner Sergio Ceballos, who was illegally dual tracked by Chase and served with an eviction notice on Monday. From Chase Headquarters in New York, to smaller operations in Seattle and San Francisco, people nationwide delivered Sergio’s petition to their local Chase branches on Sergio’s behalf. While the sheriffs can come at any moment to evict Sergio and his family, people all across the country are standing up for Sergio and telling Chase that the fight for the Ceballos home has only just begun.

In Minneapolis, an action organized by Occupy Homes MN began at Sergio’s home in Occupy Homes’ Eviction Free Zone (EFZ). Over twenty people gathered there to carpool to a Chase bank branch in Minneapolis to deliver a petition signed by over 9,000 supporters and to perform street theater outside. 

The housing justice activists were joined by Sergio’s supporters all across the country who took similar actions to deliver Sergio’s petition to their local Chase branches. When Liza Gorkova delivered Sergio’s petition in Colorado Springs, she was overwhelmed by the level of support she received from passersby and the branch manager’s willingness to call Vice Chair Douglas Braunstein immediately. “The fact that Sergio is supported everywhere in the country, even very conservative cities like Colorado Springs, shows how absurd his foreclosure is and shows that anyone can fall victim to the banking system.”

Ellen McCabe, one of many Seattle residents who took part in the National Day of Action, delivered Sergio’s petition to four local branches, including a Chase Home Mortgage Center. “Not a single one had ever hear of Doug Braunstein (much less Occupy Our Homes) or had any past dealings with Chase corporate dealing with evictions. Chase does not want its employees to know anymore than what they can get from public information sources, preferring to keep them in the dark on their bad faith practices.”

But these signs of solidarity from all over the country show that Sergio is not alone and that Chase cannot hide from their immoral and illegal practices. “We are one. We are all connected. And right now we need to pull together and act like it!” said McCabe.

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