Occupy Our Homes groups join Terry Horn in delivering petition to Citizen’s Tri-County Bank


Last week, Occupy Our Homes members from Atlanta, Chattanooga, and Minneapolis joined Terry Horn in Dunlap, Tennessee to deliver a petition to Citizen’s Tri-County Bank’s Chairman and CEO, Glenn Barker. 

Terry and his sister Sherrie have been fighting to save their 86 year old mother Helen’s home from the bank. The mortgage on the family’s Bridgeport, Alabama home was paid off over 40 years ago, but Citizen’s Tri-County is attempting to place on lein on the home to satisfy a debt they claim Helen owes. A few months ago, Terry reached out to Occupy Our Homes for help. He created a campaign on Start2.occupyourhomes.org that has generated thousands of signatures so far. 

From Occupy Our Homes Atlanta’s blog: 


About a dozen people gathered on the sidewalk in front of the bank’s headquarters on Wednesday, wearing Occupy Homes vests, and holding pictures of the family, while preparing to go inside to deliver the more than 7,000 petition signatures to the CEO. However, while Terry and his sister were telling their story to the media during a planned press conference, CEO Glenn Barker came outside claiming he wanted to make a statement.

He accepted the petition signatures from Terry, while refusing to comment on any details of the family’s case, or answer any questions. The CEO then asked  repeatedly whether relieving Helen’s debt would be considered fair. 


Chattanooga’s News9 covered the awkward encounter on the nightly broadcast.

Considering her home has been paid off for decades, her only income is social security, and she now suffers from advanced dementia, we think most people would consider allowing Helen and her family to keep their home to be more than fair.

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