Victory! Springfield family wins unprecedented rental agreement!

After seven months of negotiations, the Mendez family in Springfield, MA has secured an affordable rental agreement with Aurora Bank! 

From Springfield No One Leaves:

It is with great joy and power that we report that Ana, Jose and Yocelyn Mendez have secured an agreement to keep them in their home!  


Following seven months of negotiations since an October 12, 2012 eviction blockade that forced Aurora Bank to back down, the Mendez family and Aurora Bank have agreed to one of the first, post-foreclosure, former-owner rental agreements allowing them to stay in their home at an affordable price! It is not only a victory for the family, but a precedent for future former-owner rental agreements post-foreclosure.

The Mendez Family sent their first payment in for September 1st and now have gained significant rights as tenants. Their hope is that they will be able to buy the home back again eventually.
Many thanks go out to all the powerful leaders and members of the Bank Tenant Association who were inspired by and inspired the blockade and who put their bodies on the line to block the eviction. To our allies and friends who stood on the pickets and sat-in as blockaders. To our sister organizations who joined us, Arise for Social Justice, Alliance to Develop Power, Western Mass Jobs With Justice, UAW Local 2322, AFSC of Western Mass, United for Peace & Justice and many others!
Many thanks go out to Ward 7 City Councilor Tim Allen and to then Senator John Kerry for their role in standing up that day and negotiating on our behalf. And many thanks go out to Joel Feldman, Tom Zito and Aaron Dulles, volunteer attorneys who negotiated on the Mendez family behalf the day of the blockade and have continued to support ongoing negotiations with Aurora Bank FSB.
much love and peace be with you all,
Together we are powerful,
Together we will win,
Stay tuned for more updates.