VICTORY! Retired police officer and cancer fighter Jacqueline Barber wins her home back from the bank!

Occupy Our Homes Atlanta annouced a major victory today for Jacqueline Barber, a retired police detective who has been battling cancer and fighting for her home since October of last year. 

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After an almost year long fight, we’re elated to announce that Jacqueline Barber has worked out a deal that will keep her and her family in their home for good! Jacqueline, a retired police detective who has been fighting a rare form of bone marrow cancer, was facing eviction when she first reached out to Occupy Our Homes Atlanta last October. Jacqueline was dual tracked and her mortgage documents were filled with forged signatures, and like millions of Americans she was now faced with losing her home. But after fighting for a year, Wall Street backed down and agreed to let Jaqueline and her family keep their home

The fight hasn’t been easy. We launched a 24-hour occupation on Jacqueline’s yard to defend her home from an eviction attempt. We held actions at bank branches and headquarters around the country- often having to change targets as the responsibility for her foreclosure shifted from servicer to servicer. Jacqueline even traveled to Minneapolis to personally deliver a message to US Bank with the help of Occupy Homes MN. All the while, Jacqueline’s health declined as the stress of a looming eviction accelerated her battle with cancer.

But we persisted, and Jacqueline refused to give up. With the help of supporters and our allies like the Home Defenders League we spread Jacqueline’s story around the world. Thousands of people around the country signed petitions, made phone calls, and took actions on Jacqueline’s behalf.

Last week, Jacqueline purchased her home back from Ocwen and US Bank at a price she can afford. Today, Jacqueline and her four grandchildren can rest easy knowing that they no longer face the threat of imminent eviction. This amazing victory wouldn’t be possible without your support and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 

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