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  • Foreclose On Wells Fargo: Day 1

    Shab Bashiri on April 29, 2014

    On the eve of Wells Fargo's annual shareholders meeting in San Antonio, TX on Tuesday, home defenders, students, community groups, and activists in ten cities took peaceful action against the bank. Petitions signed by thousands of people were delivered to Wells Fargo branches and offices across the country calling on CEO John Stumpf to change the bank’s predatory practices. 

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  • Foreclose On Wells Fargo: National Days of Action April 28 & 29

    Shab Bashiri on April 24, 2014

    Earlier this month, we put the word out that we were planning to take on Wells Fargo and the response we got was overwhelming. So many people registered for an organizing conference call that we had to schedule a second one just to accommodate everyone.

    Well’s Fargo’s well-documented history of abusive and discriminatory lending, servicing, and foreclosure practices have caused millions of families to lose their homes or be underwater on their mortgages. The bank’s actions have devastated communities across the country- impacting everyone from homeowners facing foreclosure, to students struggling to afford school, and immigrants fighting to keep their families intact. Even Wells Fargo employees are stepping forward to talk about how the company's predatory practices hurt their workers and communities.

    On April 29, Wells Fargo will celebrate it’s record as the country’s most profitable bank at their annual shareholders meeting in San Antonio, TX. People around the country are organizing to send a message to the bank that these predatory practices have to stop. Home defenders have launched petitions online, and planned actions at local Wells Fargo branches and offices, and some are even traveling to San Antonio to confront the bank’s executives directly.    

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  • Home Defenders Take Action Against Wells Fargo in Support of 86 Year Old Grandmother Facing Foreclosure

    Shab Bashiri on February 20, 2014

    On Wednesday February 19, supporters delivered petitions signed by over 2,000 people to Wells Fargo branches around the country, urging the bank not to foreclose on Lavinia Curry, an 86 year old Grandmother in Irvington, NJ. 

    Despite being the most profitable US bank in 2013, Wells Fargo continues to foreclose on struggling homeowners, often refusing to work with families to keep them in their homes. The latest victim, Lavinia Curry, purchased her Irvington, NJ home in 2003 with the help of her children, fulfilling her lifelong dream of homeownership. In 2010, the family missed ONE mortgage payment, but attempted to make the missed payment the very next month. Wells Fargo refused to accept the payment and began the process of foreclosure instead. A sheriff's sale of the family's home is scheduled for next month. 

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  • 13 cities take action to demand Chase Bank negotiate with the Ceballos family

    Shab Bashiri on July 14, 2013

    Last week, people in thirteen cities across the country took part in a day of action against Chase Bank in solidarity with Minneapolis homeowner Sergio Ceballos, who was illegally dual tracked by Chase and served with an eviction notice on Monday. From Chase Headquarters in New York, to smaller operations in Seattle and San Francisco, people nationwide delivered Sergio’s petition to their local Chase branches on Sergio’s behalf. While the sheriffs can come at any moment to evict Sergio and his family, people all across the country are standing up for Sergio and telling Chase that the fight for the Ceballos home has only just begun.

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  • M20: Showdown at the Department of Justice

    Shab Bashiri on May 15, 2013

    Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail?

    Millions of underwater homeowners have paid the price for Wall Street's crimes. From mortgage fraud to predatory lending, it's time to put bankers in jail.

    Join Occupy Homes, dozens of underwater homeowners, and hundreds of allies from across the country as we take action and risk arrest at the Department of Justice.

    Bring Justice to Justice Rally: May 20th @ 1pm Gather: Freedom Plaza, 14th Street and Pennsylvania Ave NW – March to Department of Justice @ 1:30pm

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  • Bring Justice to Justice

    Shab Bashiri on April 25, 2013

    As a new housing bubble fueled by Wall Street speculation is forming, it's clear that the financial industry didn't learn their lesson from the last mess. It's more important than ever for us to take action to demand meaningful relief for homeowners and prosecutions for the criminals at the top.

    Occupy Our Homes, the Home Defenders League, and others are joining fed-up homeowners who are ready to demand action!

    Join us the week of May 20th! Wall Street Accountability Week of Action May 18 - 23

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  • Judge orders mediation as Rep. Ellison and community rally to stop Rose McGee's eviction

    Becky Dernbach on April 04, 2013

    50 community members, holding red roses in solidarity, rallied in support of Rose McGee Tuesday as she faced off against Fannie Mae in settlement court alleging wrongful foreclosure. When Fannie Mae still refused to offer a fair deal, the judge ordered for them to return for further court mediation May 14.

    "The outcome of the court process today was very disappointing," said Rose McGee. "The offer that Fannie has made is unreasonable. If they made a reasonable offer, I would gladly accept it. I think now that I’m being used as a scapegoat because they’re faced with so many cases like mine that they don’t want to set a precedent of losing this one."

    Rose, who has been fighting her foreclosure for over a year, fell victim last May to a process called "dual tracking": as CitiMortgage told her they were modifying her loan, they sold the home to Fannie Mae at a sheriff sale. In January, Rose met with Fannie Mae executives in D.C. who promised they were working on a loan modification--but she was dual tracked again when they continued pushing forward with the eviction at the same time.

    Tuesday's rally came as part of New Bottom Line's national Dump DeMarco campaign, calling on the Obama administration to fire Ed DeMarco, the federal administrator overseeing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and replace him with a permanent director who will implement national principal reduction--resetting mortgages to fair market value.

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  • D6 Day of Action Live Updates

    OccupyOurHomes on December 06, 2012

    Go below the fold for photos and videos from these updates. 

    4:22am Update:

    Occupy Our Homes Atlanta has posted a video and update of their action today:

    On December 6th members of Occupy Our Homes ATL took from a bank something they've been stealing from people for decades: a home. In Atlanta's Pittsburgh neighborhood, which stands at least 50% vacant, a displaced family moved themselves into a bank-owned home. The desired outcome is that M&T Bank give the home to Higher Ground Empowerment Center's non-profit, and that the home then be taken off the market and be put into community control. (Higher Ground Empowerment Center is a church that activists saved from foreclosure and displacement in January of 2012)


    2:08am Update:

    Here's a more detailed update from California about the successful eviction defense this morning of the Ponce family home by Occupy Sacramento, Occupy Woodland, Occupy Stockton, and Occupy Davis:

    Occupy Sacramento, Occupy Woodland, Occupy Stockton, Occupy Davis passed the first hurdle (day 1) of defending the Ponce family from their D6 scheduled eviction.  The sheriff did not show up!  We're not out of the woods yet, they still have 2 days to attempt to lock out the Ponces.

    The Ponces qualified for a HAMP modification in 2011; they made all their payments during the temp mod, and were approved for a permanent mod.  Wells Fargo made a mistake during approval of the permanent mod paperwork--and instead of fixing the mistake, they insisted that the Ponces reapply! They were assured that they were in no danger of losing their home. Unfortunately, Wells Fargo was at the same time foreclosing on them (classic dual tracking).  Ultimately, their house was sold to an investment firm before the second HAMP could be finalized.

    We believe that Wells Fargo should honor its agreement to modify their loan--especially since recent changes to Keep Your Home California have made it easier for the Ponces to get a prinicipal reduction and affordable payments.



    12:24am Update:

    On a day where the Michigan state legislature waged a major assault on the 99% and workers' rights, we have some good news from Detroit, where a coalition of housing groups including Moratorium NOW! and Detroit Eviction Defense won a victory for the Cullors family.

    After blocking the eviction, filling the dumpster with leaf bags, marching on the bank, and packing the courtroom, we have persuaded Fannie Mae to withdraw its eviction order against the Cullors family and sell the mortgage back to Bank of America. BOA will modify the mortgage to keep the Cullors in their home. We can't know at this point what the modification will amount to, and we'll pressure the bank to reduce principal. But even with these pending issues, it's great news.



    11:54pm Update:

    Occupy Homes MN took a home in South Minneapolis! They have a long post up explaining the day's actions, but here's an excerpt of how the community gave the home to retired veteran John Vinje, who was made homeless by foreclosure:

    200 community members successfully took over a vacant home in south Minneapolis Thursday night for a veteran made homeless by foreclosure, demanding that the house be turned over to community control through a nonprofit, as the Occupy Homes movement marked its first birthday. Internationally renowned hip-hop artists Brother Ali and Chuck D of Public Enemy led the anniversary celebration. 


    Homelessness in Hennepin County is at a six-year-high, a near-crisis situation, and one in four people experiencing homelessness is a veteran. Nationwide, there are 3.5 million homeless people--and nearly 19 million vacant homes. "Why not put homeless people, or people who have gone through foreclosure like us, into these vacant homes?" asked John Vinje. "At least they’ve got somewhere safe and warm to live."

    Before he performed inside Bobby’s house, Brother Ali, who made headlines in June for his arrest defending the Cruz house, spoke movingly about the time he and his son spent homeless. "Anyone who’s lived in a house that the police have smashed through, where someone comes into your house with a gun, you know that traumatizes you for life. I still have to sleep away from the door when I stay in a hotel."

    The community then marched to a nearby home made vacant by the foreclosure crisis, where John Vinje told the story of how US Bank and Freddie Mac foreclosed on and then evicted him rather than modify his loan--in spite of theirprograms to help veterans. "Because of US Bank and Freddie Mac, my family is now split up in three different parts of the metro area," he said. "It wasn't my fault. It wasn't your fault. It was their fault. This is not the country that I fought for."

    50 people were still in the house as of 9 pm. "Whose house?" they chanted. "Our house!"

    11:46pm Update:

    From Philadelphia, where the community groups PhARE and PUP took on Wells Fargo and got a meeting for a homeowner in crisis:

    At noon PhARE was joined with PUP and a local homeowner to demand answers for Wells Fargo's destructive banking and mortgage servicing policies.  

    Meet John: a small construction business owner, father and homeowner struggling with a Wells Fargo mortgage over the last three years.  Today John got a chance to meet face to face with a Wells Fargo rep and demand real answers.

    The power of numbers got John an appointment and contact information for a mortgage servicing agent at Wells Fargo.  But that's not enough.  As the governator said best, we'll be back.  If 5 people can get a meeting, imagine what 20 will yield.


    6:24pm Update:

    Possibly my favorite sign of the day, seen in Los Angeles at a protest with Occupy Fights Foreclosures and ACCE: "The time has come. The banks will fall. Stay tuned."

    6:16pm Update:

    Here's a live stream recorded of the action at the Castle Stawaiski Law firm in Denver by Occupy Denver and the Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition. 

    6:10pm Update:

    Housing activists and MORE members in St. Louis protested at Wells Fargo. Here's an update from the action:

    "We got into a Wells Fargo lobby in St. Louis... the exact location is actually Missouri's financial capital. We executed a "people's foreclosure" and then started auctioning off their stuff to the highest bidder."

    5:27pm Update:

    Over 60 activists turned out in San Francisco to protest at Wells Fargo, occupying a branch in the Bayview district with ACCE and the Home Defenders League.

    5:18pm Update:

    In Chicago, activists are inside with Pat Hill with a big banner for her court date to keep her home.

    3:58pm Update:

    Occupy Our Homes Atlanta has moved a homeless family into a vacant, bank-owned home. There's one less homeless family on the streets and one less vacant home. The community is helping plant a new garden in front of the house.

    2:53pm Update:

    Here's a recorded live stream from Occupy Sacramento's action this morning at the Ponce residence, in Woodland, CA. Here's some background info: 


    Calling Wells Fargo Bank a "Grinch" trying to steal Christmas from the Ponce family (couple and 4 children),  Occupy anti-foreclosure activists from Sacramento, Davis, Woodland, Stockton and Marin began the defense of the home of Alma and Heriberto Ponce, THURSDAY, 6 a.m. at 1543 Paradise Valley Drive in Woodland. Yolo County Deputies are expected to enforce the eviction.

    Last May, Occupy foreclosure action teams successfully defended the Ponce Family home after the bank foreclosed, even though the had been approved for a loan modification. Wells Fargo backed off from the eviction because of the publicity.

    Wells Fargo made a mistake on the final modification paperwork for the Ponces and before it could be corrected, the house was sold in foreclosure, even though the bank assured the family everything was all right because they had successfully completed the trial modification period and received the final HAMP modification. This is an example of "dual tracking", which will be illegal in California on January 1, 2013, when the Homeowner Bill of Rights takes effect.

    Occupy Sacramento members have contacted Wells Fargo numerous times, suggesting a win/win/win solution which would benefit the bank and the investor who bought the house, as well as keeping the Ponces in their home. Wells Fargo refused; consequently the Ponces face eviction.


    2:27pm Update

    The Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign has set up a tent city in downtown Chicago. Visuals here, here and here

    1:35pm Update

    Occupy Our Homes Atlanta flash action today at Bank of America in support of Joself Freeman's fight for his home. Sign and share Joself's petition here

    11:32am Update

    One year after the Pittman family started occupying their home with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, they can claim victory in their home!

    Original post

    Happy birthday, Occupy Our Homes! Today communities around the country are turning the spotlight on the crisis that continues to hold our neighborhoods and our economy hostage as part of the Occupy Our Homes movement’s national day of action to Reclaim Our Homes and Reclaim Our Future.

    Actions are taking place in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Baltimore, Detroit, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Richmond CA, Lake Worth FL, Greensboro NC, Mendham NJ, and other cities.

    We will update this post throughout the day with details from actions taking place around the country.

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  • D6: ‘Reclaim Our Homes, Reclaim Our Future’

    OccupyOurHomes on December 05, 2012

    On Thursday December 6th 2012, communities around the country are turning the spotlight on the crisis that continues to hold our neighborhoods and our economy hostage as part of the Occupy Our Homes movement’s national day of action to Reclaim Our Homes and Reclaim Our Future.

    Tomorrow, Occupy activists and housing justice allies are taking action to mark the first anniversary of this movement to defend our homes, hold Wall Street accountable, and affirm the human right to housing.

    Actions will be taking place in Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, Denver, Baltimore, Detroit, San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, Richmond CA, Lake Worth FL, Greensboro NC, Mendham NJ, and other cities, to be announced.

    “Occupy Our Homes began with the simple idea of bringing the bold energy of the Occupy movement into communities facing housing crisis to build power through victories for the 99%,” said Nick Espinosa, an organizer with Minneapolis-based Occupy Homes MN. “Over the last year, we’ve fought back against the banks, stopping evictions and winning homes, churches and community landmarks, while relieving debt and reclaiming land.”

    (More below the fold)

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  • Minneapolis: Evicted Veteran to Move into Vacant Home on #D6

    OccupyOurHomes on December 05, 2012

    After a year-long Occupy Homes campaign for a renegotiated loan, Vietnam veteran John Vinje and his wife Lucinda Adams chose to peacefully leave their home on their October eviction date. US Bank and Freddie Mac sent 24 sheriff's deputies to make sure they didn't change their minds. John, Lucinda, and their adult children are now living in unstable, uncertain circumstances.

    But this experience has only strengthened their resolve to fight back. As Lucinda says, "This is not over yet." On December 6, we will reclaim a vacant home and move in a family made homeless by the foreclosure crisis. Join us on Thursday to escalate our fight for housing justice.

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  • Visual resources for D6 National Day of Action

    OccupyOurHomes on November 26, 2012

    Below the fold, we have visual resources for the December 6th National Day of Action, formatted for just about every major social network that you'd want to share your activities on. 

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  • 12.6.12: Reclaim Our Homes, Reclaim Our Future - Occupy Our Homes Kicks Off Year Two of Housing Justice Organizing

    OccupyOurHomes on October 16, 2012

    Four years after an economic meltdown precipitated by Wall Street greed, fraud, and recklessness in the housing market, Americans continue to face an epidemic of unjust foreclosures. While homeowners and renters seek help to keep their homes, banks have rushed to foreclose and evict, and in too many communities, homes remain vacant while neighbors sleep on the street.

    But homeowners, housing justice activists, homeless advocates, and occupiers have come together to fight back under the banner of the Occupy Our Homes movement. Community organizations and occupy groups came together last December to challenge the housing crisis and confront the crooks at the banks who are stealing our homes. On December 6, 2011, scores of groups around the country participated in a day of action for housing justice, launching the Occupy Our Homes movement.

    Homeowners, renters, and the homeless joined forces to fight the banks and reclaim our communities. All over the country, activists declared housing a human right. We came together, occupying our homes to prevent eviction, disrupting foreclosure auctions, restoring vacant homes to community use, and protesting the banks that caused this mess in the first place.

    And we showed time and again that when people fought for their homes, they could win.

    But the fight is far from over. Despite dozens of victories for homeowners around the country, banks are still choosing to foreclose instead of taking payments. Banks are still refusing to negotiate with families who seek only a fair solution that keeps them in their home. Banks are still using fraudulent tactics like robo-signing to speed through illegal foreclosures—months after a weak settlement meant to stop this practice. Bank-owned houses continue to sit empty and untended, destroying property values and pushing more and more families underwater.

    A year since the start of the Occupy Our Homes movement, we are recommitting to reclaiming our homes and our futures. On Thursday December 6th 2012, we call on communities to turn the spotlight on the crisis that continues to hold our neighborhoods and our economy hostage.

    Go below the fold for more details)


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  • Rochester: Housing Is A Human Right March

    OccupyOurHomes on October 01, 2012

    On October 16th Metro Justice will march to City Hall in a “Housing is a Human Right March”. We hope that you will join us in co-sponsoring this march!

    With hundreds of people homeless every night, in a city that has enough vacant properties to house them all, we know that our communities are in crisis! When thousands of homes have been foreclosed upon by massive banks in our city, we know that housing must be a human right.

    Adequate access to housing is the cornerstone on which we build a thriving and vi

    brant community. At Metro Justice, we’ve taken that seriously and our Housing is a Human Right Campaign is growing. Our campaign makes two requests of the city that we intend to make very clear at our march on October 16th:

    1. As a consequence of their awful foreclosure record across New York State and nationally, the City of Rochester should divest all public funds from JP Morgan Chase.

    2. Due to the widespread fraud in mortgage foreclosures by big banks, the City of Rochester should halt police participation in evictions by those banks for one year.

    (Read more below the fold)


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  • DC: Homeowners, Renters, and Homeless Unite Against Fannie/Freddie In Day of Action

    OccupyOurHomes on September 28, 2012

    Yesterday homeowners and housing justice activists from around the country to target Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and FHFA chief Ed DeMarco around a set of demands that would keep people in their homes and return power to local communities. Groups from around the country, including numerous local Occupy Our Homes groups, convened in Washington, DC to take back the peoples' bank. 

    The American Friends Service Committee/Atlanta blog has a great write-up on the day and the role Occupy Our Homes Atlanta activists played as part of it. 

    After pulling off actions at every regional Fannie/Freddie office in early September, several cities decided to send delegations to Washington DC to confront Freddie and Fannie at their national offices.

    With little time to organize, we were able to pull eleven folks from Atlanta to make the trip.

    Micheline Meusa, Renika Wheeler and their two children were among our Atlanta delegation. Both have lost jobs in the last six months and as a result of having a very limited safety net they ended up on the street. Renika and Micheline have bounced from shelter to shelter and have been unable to obtain work, despite looking for work almost every day.

    Renika and Micheline represent a segment of the population that has, up to this point, often been left out of the housing crisis conversation.

    One thing that was exciting about today's action was having the story's of homeowners, renters, and homeless elevated to the some importance.

    The sad fact is that Atlanta has six empty homes for every homeless person, and Atlanta is full of homeless people now more then ever.

    After demonstrating outside Fannie Mae this morning, five people impacted by Fannie's practices decided to commit an act of civil disobedience that landed them in jail, Renika was one of them. She's out now!

    After leaving Fannie we made a quick trip to Freddie Macs headquarters, then we decided to do something special.

    All of us went to Edward Demarco's to not only give him a piece of our mind and deliver a pink slip, we also had a pizza party on his lawn.

    Read more about the fight against Fannie and Freddie below the fold.

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  • Occupy LA Anniversary Goes to Foreclosure Mill Responsible for Looting and Pillaging of American Homeowners

    OccupyOurHomes on September 27, 2012


    On the weekend of the Occupy LA anniversary, Occupy Fights Foreclosures, a subcommittee of Occupy LA, shines light on the business model of fraud used by the financial industry that devastated the economy and the lives of millions of Californians who are now struggling to keep their homes. Homeowners and activists gather to illustrate the timeline of frauds that start before a homeowner signs on the dotted line and continue through the lockouts and evictions following fraudulent foreclosures.

    Almost all foreclosures have been found to have suspicious documentation or legal violations according to February's audit by the San Francisco County Assessor-Recorders office. The newly-signed California Homeowners Bill of Rights does give homeowners a fighting chance against the fraudulent practices. But right now, homeowners are without those protections. In LA County alone, there are almost 8,000 active foreclosures with over 32,000 expected by the end of the year when the law goes into effect. If nothing is done, in less than 100 days, over 32,000 families in LA County will lose a house that they would keep starting January 1 — that's about 65 families every business hour.

    "How does it make any sense that any homeowner would lose their home today, when they wouldn't on January 1st?," says Carlos Marroquin, homeowner advocate with Occupy Fights Foreclosures. "On top of all the fraud that came to light at the beginning of this crisis, new companies have appeared precisely to take advantage of the disaster created by the banks. It's an entire cycle of looting and pillaging."

    Details for Friday's Occupy LA anniversary action are below the fold.


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  • Join Fannie & Freddie residents from around the country to take back the people's bank

    OccupyOurHomes on September 25, 2012

    Actions on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to win principal reduction, a halt to all evictions and slum conditions, right to rent, and transfer of vacant properties to communities not investors.

    Go below the fold for details.

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  • Occupy Homes MN: S17 Action to Strike Debt

    OccupyOurHomes on September 17, 2012


    From Occupy Homes MN on the one year anniversary of the beginning of the Occupy Wall Street movement:

    One year ago, a movement known as Occupy Wall Street began, launching a movement of occupations across the country and the world . The 99% gathered to fight back against big banks foreclosing on our homes, killing our jobs, buying up our democracy, and polluting our planet. A year later, students and homeowners are still struggling, drowning in loans, student debt, and fraudulent mortgages to maintain the profits of the 1%. A s part of a national day of action to commemorate this anniversary, homeowners, students, and activists will gather in Government Plaza to march to demand debt relief.

    In Minnesota, the Occupy movement has evolved to focus on helping homeowners fight back against big banks and save their homes from foreclosure. Occupy Homes MN has already successfully prevented the eviction of six families in Minnesota. In February, they saw their first victory with veteran Bobby Hull, and just last month won loan modifications from Bank of America for Ruby Brown, Frank and Kristina Clark, and Paul Lelii. At the Strike Debt rally and march, organizers hope to bridge students’ growing anger over student debt with homeowners' frustrations over mortgage debt to build power among those hit hardest by the financial crisis.

    "Wall Street has engineered these colossal debt traps to force us all into their profit-generating treadmill," said Ty Moore, an organizer with Occupy Homes MN. "Most people can't afford an education, a house, a car, or even sometimes the groceries, without going into debt to the big banks, paying outrageous interest, fees, and penalties. It's a modern form of indentured servitude, but this time on a globally coordinated scale."


    See event details and get more information below the fold.

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  • Video: Fannie and Freddie 99: National Week of Action (Chicago)

    OccupyOurHomes on September 12, 2012

    Monday, September 10th, 2012 touched off a national week of action targeting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Led by the Fannie and Freddie 99, groups of fearless families from across the country marched through Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and New York to defend their homes.

    In Chicago, the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, the Centro Autónomo of Albany Park (Chicago), Occupy Our Homes Minnesota and Moratorium Now! (Detroit) participated.

    Fannie and Freddie own 59% of all mortgages in the US. American taxpayers bailed out Fannie and Freddie in 2008, and now we own 79% of these financial institutions. However, these behemoths refuse to take positive steps to end the housing crisis. Ed DeMarco, the Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (which oversees Freddie and Fannie) would rather steamroll through the eviction and foreclosure process and sell vacant homes to the same investors that caused the crisis than take measures to keep families in their homes. The Fannie and Freddie 99 demand that Obama fire DeMarco and replace him with someone who will stop all evictions of Fannie and Freddie properties, carry out principle reduction on mortgages, and stop selling vacant homes to investors.

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  • 200 People March on Fannie Mae’s Southeastern Hub Demanding An End To Abusive Housing Practices

    OccupyOurHomes on September 11, 2012


    Yesterday Occupy Our Homes Atlanta and people from all over the Southeast marched on Fannie Mae's regional headquarters in the heart of Atlanta’s most affluent real estate; Buckhead.

    Yesterday's Southeastern action launched a national campaign aimed at highlighting and addressing the inhumane practices of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. People from Athens, Chattanooga, Miami, Orlando and Nashville joined Occupy Our Homes ATL organizers in holding Fannie and Freddie accountable for their abuse of our system and demand change.

    Many underwater homeowners who Freddie and Fannie refuse to work with were present and demanded a meeting with Catherine Lasher of Fannie Mae. Robert Anderson, whose home is underwater, said he has tried to modify with Freddie Mac but with no luck."I want the investors to step down and talk to us," Anderson. "I've been going through anxiety."

    Currently Georgia is near the top of the list of most devastated states in this foreclosure crisis and as a region, the Southeast is the hardest hit per capita. Homeowners, renters and the homeless have been devastated by unjust practices that include refusal to reduce principal, bulk sale of homes to investors at 10-20% of market value, and holding properties hostage in communities hit hardest by the crisis. In Atlanta there are six vacant homes for each homeless person. This is not acceptable. Speaking on behalf of thousands in Atlanta’s growing homeless population was Michelene Meusa, mother of two who became homeless after going from under employed to unemployed. While addressing the crowd Michelene stated,“Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stop holding these unoccupied, vacant, boarded up properties hostage! The hostage situation is over! People always talk about “Oh, well you know, homeless people are bums.” The biggest bums are right up there (Fannie and Freddie)”.

    (More below the fold)


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  • The People Vs. Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac

    Han Shan on September 09, 2012

    Today kicks off two days of protests—today in Atlanta and Chicago, and in Los Angeles and New York City on Wednesday—to demand an end to the abusive practices of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac. Today, community organizations, Occupy Homes groups, and foreclosure fighters are converging from around the southeast at Fannie Mae headquarters in Atlanta.

    More information on the Atlanta action on the Occupy Our Homes Atlanta website here, and on facebook here.

    In Chicago, foreclosure fighters and their allies will be raising a ruckus outside of both the Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac regional headquarters. Occupy Homes MN kicked off a caravan to Chicago from the Cruz family home—still sealed and patrolled by security working for PNC bank with support from Freddie Mac. They are re-igniting their campaign in support of the Cruz family today.

    More information on Chicago's day of action on the website of the Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, and on Occupy Homes MN's facebook here.

    Here's a quick excerpt from the event listing from Occupy Our Homes Atlanta:

    Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac control over 60% of the mortgages in the US. After gambling with people's money, and buying up subprime mortgages during the housing bubble, they were placed under conservatorship of the US government in 2008, receiving billions of taxpayers dollars. Now, 4 years later, they continue to put people out of their homes, and are the biggest obstacle to fixing the housing crisis. It's time to put a stop to this, and to demand the wealth that was stolen from our communities be restored.

    Our demands include: 

    -Principal Reduction for all underwater homeowners to real market value

    -and end to Fannie and Freddie Evictions, and the right to rent after foreclosure

    -the sale of foreclosed properties to occupants and non-profits at the same discounted rate they are offering to shady investors
    -that they turn over vacant and abandoned properties to community controlled entities to provide long term affordable housing

    The Right to the City Alliance, a key force behind this week's actions, has been collecting stories from families who are fighting foreclosure by Fannie & freddie, demanding principle reduction, and organizing for housing as a human right. Check out the tumblr site RTTC has published, We Are The Fannie Freddie 99, with many compelling, heartbreaking, and inspiring stories, including photos and video testimonials.

    To follow this week's actions, watch the @OccupyOurHomes twitter feed, and follow the hashtag #FFFighters (as in Fannie Freddie Fighters!). 

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  • Atlanta: Demand Wells Fargo Negotiate With Steve! CALL NOW!

    OccupyOurHomes on July 26, 2012

    Occupy Our Homes Atlanta has put out a call to action in support of Steve Boudreaux:

    Just last week, hundreds of calls were made to Wells Fargo demanding that the bank do everything in their power to keep Steve Boudreaux in his Marietta, Ga home--and they heard you! Steve received a call the very same day from Wells Fargo's "Office of Executive Escalation," and they assured Steve that they would put in a request to rescind the foreclosure on his home. Almost a week has gone by and Wells Fargo has stopped returning Steve's calls. This is unacceptable. A dispossessory warrant was served just a few days ago, so there is no time to lose. 

    We need you to call Wells Fargo representative Adam Lawman TODAY at 1-800-853-8516 (ext. 45564) and Home Mortgage President Mike Heid at 515-213-6117 and ask "When will Edmond Steve Boudreaux's (Loan # 0006391834) foreclosure be rescinded? Wells Fargo said they would take action, but we have yet to see results. Please take action to keep Steve in his home." Please also sign the petition to keep Steve in his home here.

    Please call now and report your results here.

    In Solidarity,
    Occupy Our Homes ATL
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  • Atlanta: National Call-In Day to Save Steve's Home!

    OccupyOurHomes on July 17, 2012


    Last year, Marietta, Ga resident Steve Boudreaux lost his job. Like the millions of other Americans battling unemployment, Steve struggled to make his mortgage payments, and eventually fell behind. In an effort to save his home from foreclosure, Steve applied for an emergency loan modification from his lender, Wells Fargo. Everything was set to move forward until the IRS delayed in getting Steve’s tax transcripts to the bank. Rather than wait for the transcripts—the IRS even sent confirmation that they were on their way-- Wells Fargo moved forward with a foreclosure sale. To add insult to injury, the transcripts were delivered to the bank the next day.

    Steve is now employed and getting back on his feet, and is willing to do whatever it takes to stay in his home. He contacted Wells Fargo numerous times requesting they rescind the foreclosure, and let him stay in his home. His calls have so far fallen on deaf ears.

    Please contact Wells Fargo on Steve’s behalf with this simple message.

    "Rescind the foreclosure, and work out a deal to keep Steve Boudreaux (Loan # 00006391834) in his home. Accept his payments instead of leaving another empty house in our communities."

    Contact info below the fold.


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  • Occupy Fights Foreclosures rallies in Sacramento for CA foreclosure moratorium

    OccupyOurHomes on June 25, 2012

    Occupy Fights Foreclosures, an offshoot of Occupy LA that is working with homeowners to stop fraudulent foreclosures, is joining a rally in Sacramento today alongside other Occupy groups, unions, and clergy leaders to call on California's Governor Jerry Brown, Attorney General Kamala Harris, and state legislature to implement a statewide foreclosure moratorium.

    "We are bringing together all of the organizations and people now working to stop these foreclosures, and who are angry about how the banks have been given hundreds of billions of dollars in taxpayer money, yet continue to throw millions of families out of their homes instead of working out affordable loan modifications," said a statement from rally organizers.

    More details on today's rally are available at Occupy Fights Foreclosures' website. For live updates from the Sacramento rally, visit this page.

    Occupy Fights Foreclosures has also published an open letter to California's State Senators and Assembly Members calling for a strong Homeowners Bill of Rights. See an excerpt from the letter below the fold.


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  • PNC Says They Have "Washed Their Hands" of the Cruz Family, 100k Signers Disagree

    OccupyOurHomes on June 22, 2012

    This morning David and Alejandra Cruz went back to PNC Bank's headquarters in Pittsburgh to demand a meeting with PNC executives that have the authority to offer them a good faith negotiation (yesterday they were pawned off on low level PR representatives with no intention of negotiating who disrespected the family). When they arrived at the bank, they were locked out from the building.

    Despite having traveled 800 miles as their petition has soared beyond 100,000 signatures, PNC Bank's head of security, John Weslager, had this message to deliver to David and Alejandra: "PNC Bank has washed their hands of this issue."

    “We will not be shamed out of what we deserve when PNC Bank is the one who should be ashamed of their behavior. We deserve dignity and a meeting with those who can renegotiate our mortgage.” Alejandra Cruz said to the crowd of supporters in Pittsburgh after the meeting. “We are not giving up. This is not the end.”

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  • 13 Arrested After PNC Bank Breaks Promise to Work with Wrongfully Evicted Family, Family Vows to Return Tomorrow

    OccupyOurHomes on June 21, 2012

    125 community members gathered at the home of the Cruz family in South Minneapolis and 13, including hip-hop artist Brother Ali, were arrested when they crossed the police line to protest PNC Bank’s inexplicable reversal of their commitment  to work with the family after the family fell into foreclosure due to a bank error. In front of the crowd of supporters, each of the 13 spoke as to why they were willing to cross the police line before asking the officers to allow them to step onto the property and be arrested, bringing the total arrest count at the hometo 39 within the past month.

    In Pittsburgh, after reaching PNC Bank’s national headquarters, the Cruz family have vowed to return to PNC Bank’s national headquarters at noon again tomorrow to demand a good faith negotiation.

    “PNC did not give us the meeting we requested. Instead of sitting down for a good faith negotiation with someone who had the power to fix the bank’s error, they sat us down with low-level PR executives who had no intention or authority to negotiate with us,” said Alejandra Cruz. “We came here to resolve this issue, and we’re not leaving without some answers.”

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  • #J21 Day of Action Against PNC Bank

    OccupyOurHomes on June 21, 2012


    Around 7:00am this morning a large balloon banner reading “Evictions Stop Here” was deployed above the embattled home of the Cruz family as 15 supporters of the Cruz family began an occupation of the rooftop in protest of thefamily’s unjust foreclosure. The action kicks off a national day of action in 18 cities demanding PNC Bank negotiate with the family to allow them to return to their home.

    Alejandra and David Cruz will arrive at the bank’s headquarters in Pittsburgh around 1pm with over 40,000 petition signatures and their loan modification documents demanding a meeting with CEO Jim Rohr to renegotiate their mortgage.

    The Cruzes’ battle against an unjust foreclosure has become a focal point for the Occupy movement and garnered media attention from around the country. In the past month, 24 community supporters with Occupy Homes MN have been arrested defending the south Minneapolis home. The campaign has become a sticky political situation for local elected officials, PNC Bank, and Freddie Mac, the current owner of the property.

    Although PNC has acknowledged the foreclosure was due to a bank error, executives have repeatedly said they are working “behind the scenes” to fix the situation, and Executive Vice President Dan Taylor said that he would look into the Cruzes’ case, the bank has not offered a negotiation. “We feel like PNC and Freddie Mac have forgotten us,” said David Cruz. “So we’re going to remind them.”


    Occupy Homes MN has a live blog, which we've also embedded below the fold here.

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  • From Alejandra Cruz: Today We Leave for PNC Bank’s National Headquarters in Pittsburgh, Please Stand With Our Family

    OccupyOurHomes on June 19, 2012

    Our family can’t believe how much support we have received from around the country in our fight to save our home. We are so thankful for each and every one of you.

    After PNC Bank committed to working with our family to resolve this issue 23 of our friends and supporters were arrested during 5 eviction attempts in one week and PNC stopped returning our calls. That’s when we decided it was time to raise the stakes.

    In just a couple hours, my brother David and I will embark on a caravan to PNC Bank’s national headquarters in Pittsburgh to attempt to hand deliver our family’s loan modification documents to Jim Rohr, the CEO. We hope to give him a chance to personally correct PNC’s mistake and make things right for our family.

    Over 15 cities across have committed to rallying at PNC Bank branches in support of our family as part of the #J21 national day of action, and we believe that we are on the verge of finally getting justice for our family.

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  • June 21: National Day of Action for the Cruz Family

    OccupyOurHomes on June 15, 2012

    Since April 30, Occupy Homes MN has been working with the Cruz family, whose home went into foreclosure when PNC Bank mishandled an online payment. Although PNC executives have acknowledged their error and repeatedly told Cruz supporters that they are working on a solution, their actions have shown the opposite. They have refused to work with the family, instead working with Freddie Mac and the city of Minneapolis to launch a series of costly police raids against home, resulting in 23 arrests in less than a week. Despite ongoing protests, PNC still thinks we’ll go away if they ignore us long enough. It’s time to show them otherwise: on June 19, Alejandra and David Cruz will be travelling along with a team of supporters to PNC’s Pittsburgh headquarters to hand-deliver their modification documents and demand a meeting with CEO Jim Rohr! Occupy Homes MN is calling for a national day of action on PNC to coincide with the Cruz’s arrival on Thursday, June 21.

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  • Protests Overwhelm Wells Fargo Annual Meeting, Shareholders Shut Out

    Han Shan on April 24, 2012

    As I write this, downtown San Francisco is filled with community activists and members of the 99% who have surrounded Wells Fargo's annual shareholders meeting in protest. The Merchant's Exchange Building in the city's Financial District, where the meeting is taking place, is effectively shut down, according to news reports and tweets from participants in the march and protest. San Francisco police have shut out dozens—maybe hundreds—of shareholders, who are displaying their share certificates and demanding to be allowed into the meeting.

    From an AP report just filed:

    Shareholder Mark Richmond, a 59-year-old Portland member of the group We Are Oregon, said he hoped he could voice his concerns specifically about predatory lending and home foreclosures. He said he expected some raucousness inside and outside the meeting.

    "Oh, there's going to be some action all right. We're very dissatisfied with Wells Fargo," said Richmond, who works as a janitor at the Portland International Airport. "This should be very interesting."

    The report continues:

    Hundreds of union members, activists and clergy members blocked the street in front of the building beforehand waving signs and chanting, "We are the 99 percent! Let us in!"

    The livestream and photos posted on twitter show a scene at once raucous, inspiring, and frustrating, as a massive and colorful crowd defiantly brings business as usual to a halt in the Financial District, but police stop legitimate shareholders from entering, and giving voice to the concerns of millions of people across the country about Wells Fargo's criminal practices.


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  • M15: Occupy San Fernando Valley Bank of America Move-In

    OccupyOurHomes on March 18, 2012

    Occupy San Fernando Valley along with Occupy LA and Occupy the Hood held a move-in at Bank of America on 3/15/2012.

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  • M16: San Francisco Family to Re-Occupy Home After Eviction by Wells Fargo

    OccupyOurHomes on March 16, 2012


    In a strategy that is a growing trend for homeowners that have been wrongfully evicted from their homes, a Bayview family will re-claim their home from Wells Fargo. In the last month, more and more homeowners across the country have re-occupied their homes from big banks after being evicted. Foreclosure Fighters, community members and supporters are announcing the family is refusing to leave the home and will continue to take back homes until the banks instill a moratorium and work with borrowers.

    “I had submitted the paperwork to the bank (Wells Fargo) for a modification,” says family who will re-claim their home this Friday, ”and while their modification department was saying they were working with me, their foreclosure department sold my home from underneath me. I didn’t find out our home was sold until the Sheriffs came with a notice to vacate. I want Wells Fargo to rescind the sale of my home and offer me an affordable modification.”


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  • M15: Fight BAC: Foreclose on Bank of America

    OccupyOurHomes on March 15, 2012

    Join in this huge action by the FightBAC and group of Occupy Wall Street today in New York City:

    Bank of America (BAC) is a morally and financially dead “zombie bank” poised to shock the entire global economy into crisis. Its time to FightBAC and break up the bank! On March 15th, we will Foreclose on Bank of America.

    Bank of America (BAC) gambled with Americans’ homes and lost, but America has been the one to pay the price. Now BAC is trying to stave off the bankruptcy it deserves by kicking millions of Americans out of our homes.

    We're not going to let them. On March 15, Americans will move into BAC branches across the country and take back what’s rightfully ours: HOME. Bring a chair, a bed, a potted plant. Get ready to move in.

    BAC has been foreclosing on America for years. But SPRING IS COMING, and America is ready to FIGHT BAC!

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  • M15: Occupy Atlanta Fights Eviction

    OccupyOurHomes on March 15, 2012


    The state of Georgia ranks 4th in the nation for foreclosures at the end of last year, with more foreclosures expected. Along with many other metro Atlanta counties, DeKalb County and South Decatur have especially been hit hard by the housing bubble and crash. Ms. Christine Frazer, a 62 year old widow, along with four generations of the Frazer family is being threatened with eviction from the place they have called home since 1994. A notice was signed that ordered a writ of possession be issued on the 15th. Allowing armed marshal's to forcibly remove this family from their home of 18 yrs leaving them without a place to go.

    As part of a national day of action, Occupy Atlanta along with other organizations will be gathering for a Speak Out against foreclosures to stand up for not only this family but all families in similar dire situations. We will hear their personal stories as well as them condemning the process that allows for these injustices to occur. We plan to expose those responsible for the heinous crimes that are robbing the working class people.

    Join us at one of the crime scenes today (03/15) at 11:00am located at 3662 Wellhaun Rd. Decatur, Ga 30034.

    The 99% is just beginning our work this spring. In April, we'll help train more than 100,000 people to take nonviolent direct action in April; and on Tax Day, we'll demand that corporations and the richest 1% pay their fair share. We'll also hold corporations accountable at dozens of shareholder meetings and move millions of dollars from Big Banks to community banks.


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  • M14: Occupy Homes MN Marches on the Home of US Bank CEO Richard Davis

    OccupyOurHomes on March 15, 2012


    On Wednesday, March 14, at 5:00pm Occupy Homes MN held a march to US Bank CEO Richard Davis' Minneapolis home as part of the Occupy Homes national week of action on the banks.

    "We want to respectfully ask Mr. Davis and US Bank to work with customers like me to keep us in our homes. We bailed them out with our tax dollars when they were in trouble at the start of the housing crisis they created, now we need them to work with us to help stabilize our communities, instead of tearing them apart," said Monique White

    Since October, protesters have attempted to bring attention to Minneapolis-headquartered US Bank for their ongoing role in the foreclosure crisis. While speaking at an event hosted by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Davis, whose 2011 total compensation topped $18 million, allegedly told homeowners fighting foreclosure and their supporters rallying outside the event to "get over it.'


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  • Ohio: Take action to stop the Bayless family's eviction

    OccupyOurHomes on March 14, 2012


    Today March 14th, 2012 we ask American Citizens along with any and all Concerned Citizens, Homeowners, and activist Occupy members to take direct action. Please email, phone and/or fax ALL the 1% (entities) listed below which have participated in the fraudulent attempts to steal the home from the Bayless Family in Delaware Ohio, (North Columbus). THEY ARE COMING….AGAIN…THURSDAY March 15th at 9:00am…unless we STOP THEM.

    We ask you “Take Action” to protest any further eviction attempts on this family. Homeowners & citizens across America and in Ohio – Please contact the 1%: US BANK Corporate Trust, their profiteering servicing partner Wells Fargo and the two Ohio based Predator Drone foreclosure mill firms Lerner, Sampson, Rothfuss (LSR) and Thompson Hine LLP, hired to execute criminal acts in our courts. The behavior of the 1% - if allowed to go unchecked - will exacerbate the foreclosure crisis, affecting millions of families, and continue to destroy the lives, families & economy for the remaining 99%.


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  • San Francisco: Tell Bank of America: Negotiate with 75 year old Josephine Tolbert

    March 14, 2012

    Josephine Tolbert has lived in her home in the city's Portola District since 1975, opening a daycare business there in 1995. After running into financial trouble a few years ago, Tolbert was sued and her daycare temporarily shut down. When she fell behind on her payments, Bank of America sold Tolbert’s home in a short sale to real estate company True Compass, who evicted the 75-year-old great-grandmother two weeks ago. The company changed the locks on the house while Tolbert was out. But Josephine, with the support of her neighbors stood up and fought back and got True Compass to back off from this eviction attempt.

    Now Josephine is calling upon Bank of America to give her a permanent modification. You can help. Call Bank of America official Monica Lozano, and tell her to negotiate with Josephine.

    Call Bank of America official Monica Lozano at 866-214-2430 and tell her (politely) that you are making an emergency call about Josephine Tolbert. Ask her to do the right thing and negotiate a permanent modification that will allow Josephine to stay in her home

    If you get a voicemail leave a message.


    Report the results of your call here.


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  • M14: Occupy Homes MN and Homeowners Facing Foreclosure to March on Home of US Bank CEO Richard Davis

    OccupyOurHomes on March 14, 2012


    On Wednesday, March 14, at 5:00pm Occupy Homes MN will hold a march to US Bank CEO Richard Davis' Minneapolis home as part of the Occupy Homes national week of action on the banks. The march will be led by the family of homeowner Monique White, Vietnam Veteran John Vinje and others facing foreclosure and eviction at the hands of US Bank, demanding that US bank negotiate with them rather than throw them out of their homes.

    "We want to respectfully ask Mr. Davis and US Bank to work with customers like me to keep us in our homes. We bailed them out with our tax dollars when they were in trouble at the start of the housing crisis they created, now we need them to work with us to help stabilize our communities, instead of tearing them apart." Said Monique White

    Since October, protesters have attempted to bring attention to Minneapolis-headquartered US Bank for their ongoing role in the foreclosure crisis. While speaking at an event hosted by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, Davis, whose 2011 total compensation topped $18 million, allegedly told homeowners fighting foreclosure and their supporters rallying outside the event to "get over it.'


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  • M13 Atlanta: Take action with the Pittman Family against Chase

    OccupyOurHomes on March 13, 2012

    The Pittman Home at 404 Glen Iris is currently under occupation by members of the Atlanta community. Eloise Pittman was a retiree of Atlanta Public Schools who was given a predatory loan, now owned by Chase Bank, and fell behind on her mortgage payments due to the interest rate of 10.8%. The increased stress of unaffordable payments combined with cancer led to her death in November. The story of the Pittman family brought the occupiers to move in December 6th, 2011 to prevent the eviction of her surviving family.

    Our country is being systematically destroyed by the corrupt banking system that held the entire country hostage in 2008. While the banks received unimaginable amounts of money to stabilize their institutions, they continued their criminal practices that have destabilized our neighborhoods. There are millions of empty homes and evictions continuously underway while bank profits increase.

    Across the country, people live in constant fear of not being able to pay for housing. This doesn't have to be this way. Housing is essential to human life.

    Jamie Dimon, we demand the release of the Pittman home deed in Atlanta, as well as the discontinuance of the foreclosure on the home of Alma Counts in Detroit. Until there is a permanent moratorium on all evictions there will be no "business as usual" for Chase Banks nationwide.

    Take action by signing this petition to Chase in support of the Pittman family.

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  • M13 Detroit: “Chase Bank, You’re in Default!”

    OccupyOurHomes on March 13, 2012

    Tuesday - Community activists, neighbors, labor and faith leaders will join the family of Alma Counts, a disabled senior citizen facing foreclosure by Chase Bank, to deliver a “Notice of Default” on Chase for violating a Consent Order of the U.S. Treasury requiring it to cease “unsound banking practices” and implement mortgage modifications to keep people in their homes. The Notice of Default” will call on Chase and other banks to reduce mortgage principal to the depressed market values caused by predatory lending and mortgage banking fraud, and to implement a two-year moratorium on foreclosures while the modifications are put in place.

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  • Occupy Santa Cruz Foreclosure March: We Can Not Be Moved

    OccupyOurHomes on March 13, 2012

    A great video on Occupy Santa Cruz's March 11th Stop Foreclosure Fraud March.

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  • M12: Occupy The Crime Scene!

    OccupyOurHomes on March 12, 2012


    Occupy groups throughout California are working together with homeowners and housing advocacy organizations to organize a statewide event to protest illegal foreclosures.

    The following locations will be participating in “Occupy the Crime Scene: County Recorder’s Office” on Monday, March 12th from 9:30 – 11:30am.

    San Francisco (San Francisco County)
    Los Angeles (Los Angeles County)
    Sacramento (Sacramento County)
    Modesto (Stanislaus County)
    Fort Bragg (Mendocino County)
    Eureka (Humboldt County)
    Ventura (Ventura County)
    Oroville (Butte County)
    Santa Barbara (Santa Barbara County)
    Nevada City (Nevada County)


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  • Occupy Our Homes Calls for National Week of Bank Protest Actions

    OccupyOurHomes on February 28, 2012

    In solidarity with families across the U.S. resisting foreclosures and evictions, the Occupy Our Homes movement is announcing that March 12th-16th will be a National Week of Action to protest the criminal foreclosure practices of the nation's largest banks.

    The housing system built by Wall Street banks and for the 1% has utterly failed the 99%. The banks' criminal foreclosure practices have cost millions of Americans their homes already. Millions more homeowners are at risk of foreclosure in the coming years. And while hun

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  • Occupy Atlanta calls for national action targeting Chase on March 13

    OccupyOurHomes on February 20, 2012

    We, the occupiers of Glen Iris, are asking everyone locally and nationally to take action in Solidarity with us as we fight Chase Bank. Since this bank is a behemoth, we cannot defeat it only in Atlanta, we need to bring the fight everywhere. We are calling a day of action against Chase on Tuesday, March 13, 2012, to demand a moratorium on foreclosures and evictions. March 13th is the birthday of Jamie Dimon, the CEO of Chase Bank.

    JPMorgan Chase, doing business as Chase Bank, through a series of recent mergers and acquisitions has become the largest banking institution in the United States. This expansion has been fueled to a great degree by its extensive investment in the two main subprime mortgage originators, not to mention nearly $25 billion in bailout funds that rewarded the bank for its criminal swindling of millions of American families.

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  • East New York: Inside a day of action

    OccupyOurHomes on December 12, 2011

    The National Day of Action to stop and reverse foreclosures was an incredible and inspiring launch of the Occupy Our Homes movement. Around the country, thousands of activists turned out to support dozens of home actions around the country. The occupation of homes in East New York, organized by Occupy Wall Street, VOCAL-NY, Organizing for Occupation, New York Communities for Change and countless supporters has continued to inspire us as their occupations have continued. Here is a series of videos which take us through the December 6th Day of Action to show how the day unfolded. Go below the fold to see the videos.

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  • East New York: Re-occupying a home

    OccupyOurHomes on December 09, 2011

    Cari Mitchell has a post up sharing the story of the re-occupation of 702 Vermont Street in East New York. She's been taking part with Occupy Wall Street since its first week. Her post tells the story of a movement and a community coming together to help a family in need get a home.

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  • Rally Outside Rochester Development Conference

    OccupyOurHomes on December 09, 2011

    In line with the growing Occupy Our Homes movement, Take Back the Land Rochester and Occupy Rochester held a rally outside of the City leaders at Vision Future: Rochester's Leadership Team conference held by Rochester Downtown Development Corporation. Instead of investing in corporate projects they asked that this money could be used to deal with the growing housing epidemic in the city.

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  • Causa Justa::Just Cause actions in California

    OccupyOurHomes on December 08, 2011

    Causa Justa::Just Cause has an amazing report from their housing actions in San Francisco:

    Tues, Dec 6, we joined 27 other cities in a national day of action to “Occupy Our Homes”. We collaborated with Occupy Oakland activists to take over a vacant home in West Oakland, which is owned by Fannie Mae. Earlier this year Fannie Mae foreclosed on the home of CJJC member and domestic worker from East Oakland, Margarita Ramirez, as a servicer pretended to negotiate with her. Thanks to your support in July, the servicer (Bank of America) agreed to rescind the sale & modify the loan, but Fannie Mae is now standing in our way. Neighborhood activists are occupying the vacant house as leverage to pressure Fannie Mae to return the Ramirez family’s deed.
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  • Southgate, MI: Debbie & Rob Henry are occupying their home

    OccupyOurHomes on December 08, 2011

    Debbie Henry tells her story:

    “Our home was our future, and we thought that we’d invested wisely. We were making our payments, even though now it’s worth a third of what we paid for it.,” said Debbie, a former manager at a food services company. “But after I had my stroke, we just couldn’t keep up. We tried to work with the banks to get a fair deal, but they gave us the run-around for years. Now they want to throw us out. I thought they got all this taxpayer money so that families like us could have a second chance.”

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  • Inspiring Videos from the Day of Action

    OccupyOurHomes on December 07, 2011

    Incredible actions happened around the country yesterday. Below the fold are some of the inspiring videos which have been edited from these actions. 

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  • We Are Occupying Our Homes

    OccupyOurHomes on December 07, 2011

    A housing system that only serves Wall Street banks and the 1% hasn’t worked. Yesterday the 99% stepped up and said, “We are reclaiming our homes.” The banks have heard this message loud and clear.

    From Southgate, Michigan to South Gate, California, from East New York to the steps of the Fulton County Courthouse in Georgia, members of the 99% took action to Occupy Homes.

    The banks noticed - Bank of America warned their employees nationwide about the 99% standing up for their homes. Banks came to the negotiating table with home occupiers in West Oakland, Seattle, and San Jose. Foreclosure auctions were blocked in Georgia and California, stopping the sale of dozens of homes.

    The media noticed - major programs like Rachel Maddow, Ed Schultz, and Keith Olbermann highlighted stories from Occupy Our Homes, along with hundreds of other outlets.

    And perhaps most importantly of all, homeowners and people fighting for housing around the country noticed. Local communities and 99% movement participants have committed to escalating this movement to Occupy Homes because everyone deserves a home — and to stop the bailed-out and fraudulent big banks that are stealing our homes.

    The movement to Occupy Our Homes got this kind of attention by taking action for forty homes and 5,000 activists. Imagine how the country will respond if we occupy 1,000 homes and 200,000 people taking action.

    Please keep taking action, keep occupying and bringing the fight for our homes and our neighborhoods to the banks.

    PS - Be sure to follow us on Twitter at @OccupyOurHomes

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  • Occupy Atlanta defending homes from foreclosure

    OccupyOurHomes on December 06, 2011

    In addition to multiple actions to disrupt foreclosure auctions at court houses in and around Atlanta, Occupy Atlanta is working to keep two families in their homes. Read more below.

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  • We’re Not Leaving: Michigan Family Announces Public Campaign to Resist Foreclosure

    OccupyOurHomes on December 06, 2011

    Surrounded by friends, neighbors, and community supporters, Debbie and Robert Henry explained their situation.

    “Our home was our future, and we thought that we’d invested wisely. We were making our payments, even though now it’s worth a third of what we paid for it. But after I had my stroke, we just couldn’t keep up. We tried to work with the banks to get a fair deal, but they gave us the run-around for years. Now they want to throw us out. I thought they got all this taxpayer money so that families like us could have a second chance,” said Debbie, a former manager at a food services company.

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  • National Day of Action to Stop and Reverse Foreclosures

    OccupyOurHomes on December 06, 2011

    Today is the Occupy Our Homes National Day of Action to Stop and Reverse Foreclosures. Actions are taking place in over twenty-five cities around America, as the Occupy movement joins with homeowners and people fighting for a place to live. Our system has been serving Wall Street, big banks, and the one percent. Clearly this has not worked. We are the 99% and we are reclaiming our homes.

    Follow this post for updates from around the country today. Go below to see videos from the day of action.

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  • VICTORY: Bobby's Story: Veteran Facing Foreclosure, Fighting Back

    December 05, 2011

    Bobby Hull says:

    "If people start getting together we may have a chance. I’ve served my time in Vietnam and I’m not afraid to fight again.”
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  • Get the Word Out for the National Day of Action

    OccupyOurHomes on December 05, 2011

    An inspiring video to get you ready for Tuesday's National Day of Action to Occupy Our homes, made by Rhodes Pictures.

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  • National Day of Action Event Details

    OccupyOurHomes on December 05, 2011

    Tuesday, December 6th is the National Day of Action to stop and reverse foreclosures. The Occupy Homes movement is holding actions around the country in support of homeowners and people fighting to have a home. Find an event near you and join in our day of action tomorrow! The full list of events is below the fold.

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