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  • VICTORY! Mildred Garrison-Obi wins her home back after Occupy Our Homes Atlanta moved her back in!

    Shab Bashiri on September 23, 2013

    On March 18, Mildred Obi-Garrison, joined by Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, as well as dozens of supporters and community members, moved back into her home in an act of civil disobedience. Mildred had been evicted from her home in Stone Mountain, Georgia by Bank of America last November, despite years of fighting in the courts. 

    After securing her property back from the bank, supporters set up a 24-hour eviction defense at the home to fend off any possible eviction attempts by the police, and mounted a public pressure campaign against Bank of America, the servicer who had carried out the foreclosure and eviction. After holding a sit-in at a local branch, and gathering thousands of petition signatures online, Bank of America promptly reached out to Mildred and began negotiations. 

    Today, Mildred can claim victory as those negotiations have finally resulted in a deal that will keep her in her home permanently. Her fight for housing justice has just begun however, as she pledged today to continue the fight alongside the millions of others who are facing housing crisis. Today's win marks a historic victory for the movement, proving that solutions can be worked out, even after eviction. 

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  • VICTORY! Retired police officer and cancer fighter Jacqueline Barber wins her home back from the bank!

    Shab Bashiri on September 05, 2013

    Occupy Our Homes Atlanta annouced a major victory today for Jacqueline Barber, a retired police detective who has been battling cancer and fighting for her home since October of last year. 

    More from OOHA: 

    After an almost year long fight, we're elated to announce that Jacqueline Barber has worked out a deal that will keep her and her family in their home for good! Jacqueline, a retired police detective who has been fighting a rare form of bone marrow cancer, was facing eviction when she first reached out to Occupy Our Homes Atlanta last October. Jacqueline was dual tracked and her mortgage documents were filled with forged signatures, and like millions of Americans she was now faced with losing her home. But after fighting for a year, Wall Street backed down and agreed to let Jaqueline and her family keep their home


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  • Victory! Springfield family wins unprecedented rental agreement!

    Shab Bashiri on September 04, 2013

    After seven months of negotiations, the Mendez family in Springfield, MA has secured an affordable rental agreement with Aurora Bank! 

    From Springfield No One Leaves:

    It is with great joy and power that we report that Ana, Jose and Yocelyn Mendez have secured an agreement to keep them in their home!  


    Following seven months of negotiations since an October 12, 2012 eviction blockade that forced Aurora Bank to back down, the Mendez family and Aurora Bank have agreed to one of the first, post-foreclosure, former-owner rental agreements allowing them to stay in their home at an affordable price! It is not only a victory for the family, but a precedent for future former-owner rental agreements post-foreclosure.

    The Mendez Family sent their first payment in for September 1st and now have gained significant rights as tenants. Their hope is that they will be able to buy the home back again eventually.
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  • VICTORY! Latonia Wilson negotiates a deal with investor to keep her family in their home!

    Shab Bashiri on September 02, 2013

    Atlanta resident Latonia Wilson negotiated a deal last week to stay in her home. Latonia, who lives in the home with eight of her nine children, fell behind on her mortgage after losing her job earlier this year. Her attempts to reach out to her lender, a small investor with a shady past, were unsuccesful until she joined forces with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta last month. 

    Latonia and her family had lived in their Southwest Atlanta home for over 5 years when her landlord sold the home to another investor. The new investor, Performance View LLC approached Latonia and offered her an opportunity to purchase her home. Alhtough Latonia had never imagined herself as a homeowner, she jumped at the opportunity to provide long-term stability for her family. When hard times hit and Latonia found herself unable to keep up with the mortgage, she attempted to contact Dan West, the owner of Performance View LLC, to no avail. The phone number listed for the company was disconnected, and their registered address only led to a Publix grocery store. 

    When Latonia received a foreclosure notice in July, she reached out to Occupy Our Homes Atlanta who mobilized at the monthly foreclosure auction and successfully prevented a third party from purchasing Latonia's home. After weeks of investigation, they were finally able to track down Dan West, and presented him with an offer from Latonia which would allow her to remain in her home with her family at a price she could afford.


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  • Victory for Parkwood Farms!

    Shab Bashiri on June 27, 2013

    Parkwood Farms, a therapeutic riding center for children with disabilities in Snellville, GA, has claimed a major victory today in their fight against the bank to save the farm from foreclosure. 

    More from Occupy Our Homes Atlanta: 

    Parkwood Farms Therapy Center reached out to Occupy Our Homes Atlanta last November on the same day that Gwinnett County sheriff's deputies were attempting to enforce an eviction.

    When the economic crisis hit in 2008, some of the children who receive the very unique therapy that Parkwood Farms provides could no longer afford the fees Parkwood Farms asks for. Parkwood Farms made the decision to put people over profit and work with those that needed their services. Around the same time their monthly monthly payments shot up dramatically. Doctor Marilyn Peterson immediately began working with the bank on a loan modification. Dr. Peterson faced the same struggle that millions of Americans faced, having to resend modification packets, broken promises from the lender, and eventually a refusal to work with her.

    After holding multiple heartfelt press conferences attended by parents, children, volunteers, and all of Snellville's City Council the bank decided to negotiate.

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  • VICTORY!! Atlanta woman wins home back after wrongful eviction

    Shab Bashiri on April 11, 2013

    Atlanta homeowner Sherrye Calhoun has won a major victory this week from Chase Bank! After Sherrye was wrongfully evicted from her home of 30 years last summer, neighbors and supporters helped her move her belongings back in and pledged to defend her from further actions by the bank. 

    Watch the video from Sherrye's eviction.

    More on the victory from Occupy Our Homes Atlanta: 

    Around 8:30 AM on Friday August 5th 2012 Sherrye Calhoun woke to Dekalb County Sheriff’s Deputies knocking on her door. They demanded that she leave her home immediately. Over the course of the morning Sheriff Thomas Brown’s deputies supervised her eviction. They had no dispossessory warrant or writ of possession filed with the court. She has lived in the home for 30 years.

    Within hours, Ms. Calhoun’s possessions were moved back into her house with the help of Edgewood residents and supporters. Sherrye Calhoun decided that she wouldn’t leave her home regardless of the risk.






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  • VICTORY! South Minneapolis Grandmother Wins Loan Modification Through Support of "Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone"

    Becky Dernbach on March 20, 2013

    After a public pressure campaign through Occupy Homes MN’s Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone, Gayle Lindsey, a nursing assistant and grandmother in South Minneapolis who was facing imminent eviction, has won a modification of her mortgage from M&T Bank. Gayle’s victory marks the seventh for Occupy Homes MN and the first in the Foreclosure and Eviction Free Zone, a project that brings neighbors in the Central and Powderhorn neighborhoods together to refuse to leave their homes without a fair negotiation.

    Gayle, whose renegotiation came a month after her redemption period ended, is the first victory in “the Zone.” With the help of Occupy Homes MN, she organized a series of actions, community potlucks, and press appearances.  Gayle got a call sitting at her kitchen table from an executive at M&T Bank, who offered to write Gayle a new affordable mortgage.  “It shows that Occupy Homes MN works,” says Gayle. “I want to move on to more victories for the community.”

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  • Atlanta: JoSelf Freeman's eviction was stopped today, but his fight goes on

    OccupyOurHomes on October 29, 2012

    This morning, Occupy Our Homes Atlanta was able to stave of the eviction of JoSelf Freeman, who was facing eviction at the hands of Bank of America and Fannie Mae. JoSelf has a petition going on and has been working with Occupy Our Homes Atlanta to keep his home. Here's the update on this mornings victory from OOH ATL:

    With ya'lls help we were able to put off JoSelf's eviction this morning! If it weren't for all the calls, emails, and folks in JoSelf yard there's no doubt that his belongings would be in the yard.


    JoSelf has been granted an additional 17 days before another eviction date. That means we have 17 days to building JoSelf campaign and convince Fannie Mae and Bank of America to do the right thing.

    For those that haven't seen it, here is JoSelf's story:

    More below the fold

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  • Victory for Steve Boudreaux!

    OccupyOurHomes on October 17, 2012

    Great news from Steve Boudreaux & Occupy Our Homes Atlanta: Steve won! Here's the email Steve sent out to supporters yesterday:

    The short version (and a spoiler alert!): I am keeping my home!

    Some of you already know much of my story- how I reached out to the Occupy Our Homes Atlanta in desperation, literally when all hope seemed lost. Despondent after a representative with Wells-Fargo refused to consider my loan modification, and with less than 24 hours before my home was to be auctioned as a foreclosure, I called Allie with Occupy Our Homes, Atlanta, and I was immediately amazed and heartened by the response- OOHA mobilized several people, none who knew me, who stood with me on the courthouse steps, showing potential buyers that buying my home would come with, well, "problems!" The support brought real tears to my eyes, and the results that day- no one bid on my home!- would prove to be just the tip of the spear.

    Over the next several months, OOHA would organize on-the-ground protest actions at Wells-Fargo branches, and even at the Atlanta Regional Fannie-Mae office, have over 1,400 people sign an on-line petition, many who don't know me personally but heard my story and recognized in it a similar plight their family members or friends were facing, and organized call-in drives to Wells Fargo. My spirits sagged, several times- but OOHA kept at it, as if they knew something I dared not believe. Those actions made the powers that be at Wells-Fargo and Fannie Mae realize that the Occupy Movement, far from being "no longer relevant" as some misguided people had been lead to believe, is a force to be reckoned with. We- and that includes YOU- have achieved the almost unheard-of feat of having Wells-Fargo and Fannie-Mae approve a load modification well AFTER the foreclosure sale.

    That is almost NEVER done, but WE have done it! You should all congratulate yourselves, and each other, on a job VERY well done. I could not have done it without all of you! Everyone who signed my petition, called the bank on my behalf, everyone who organized and participated in direct actions, I owe you debt of gratitude, this is truly our victory!

    I won't let fight to stop with my home, I’m committed to pay it forward and help the next person. And the next. I’m asking everyone if they can do two things to support this important work:

    Read more from Steve below the fold.

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  • Occupy Our Homes Victories

    October 16, 2012

    Homeowners, renters, and the homeless joined forces to fight the banks and reclaim our communities. All over the country, we declared that housing is a human right. We came together, occupying our homes to prevent eviction, disrupting foreclosure auctions, restoring vacant homes to community use, and protesting the banks that caused this mess in the first place. And we showed time and again that when people fought for their homes, they could win.

    Here is a partial list of some of the victories of the Occupy Our Homes movement over the last year.


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  • VICTORY! St. Paul Lawyer Saves Own Home from Foreclosure with Occupy Homes MN

    OccupyOurHomes on August 15, 2012

    Yet another victory for Occupy Homes MN, with Paul Lelii winning a principal reduction from Bank of America this week.

    St. Paul, MN – Paul Lelii, a single father, attorney for his private law firm, and St. Paul homeowner, has been offered a principal reduction loan modification by Bank of America. 

    The news came after a targeted campaign Occupy Homes MN led against Bank of America, urging them to renegotiate with Paul and four other homeowners. So far four of the five have won renegotiations, including Ruby Brown of north Minneapolis and Frank Clark and Kristina Darrington of Coon Rapids.

    “Paul has shown courage, strength and passion for eliminating foreclosures throughout St. Paul,” said Lauren Siegel, an organizer with Occupy Homes MN. “His victory shows that banks can and will stop foreclosure when they face enough pressure to do so.”

    Read more below the fold.

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  • MN: VICTORY! Formerly Homeless Suburban Couple Wins Loan Modification to Stay in Home

    OccupyOurHomes on August 09, 2012

    Occupy Homes MN has helped another family win their home:

    After a three-year foreclosure fight, a campaign with Occupy Homes MN, and an investigation by the Minnesota Attorney General, Bank of America and Freddie Mac have offered an affordable loan modification for Frank Clark and Kristina Darrington. 

    The official offer came one day after the end of Frank and Kristina’s redemption period, which put them at risk for imminent eviction at any time.

    “Frank and Kristina have overcome great odds, including a history of homelessness. This victory allows them to sleep soundly in their home, and to continue to help others in their community,” said Ryan Stopera, an organizer with Occupy Homes MN.

    Frank overcame a difficult childhood and nine years of homelessness to build a life for himself and his wife Kristina. He became a union laborer and worked 12 hour days, 7 days a week to build the new 35W bridge. After the economic crisis and recession, labor jobs declined dramatically across the state, and Frank’s hours were cut, making mortgage payments difficult. Despite their hardship, Frank and Kristina were denied a loan modification, and were forced into foreclosure. At a sheriff sale, Bank of America bought the home back from themselves for nearly $100,000 less than the original price; while they were unwilling to modify the mortgage for Frank and Kristina, they were more than happy to do so for themselves.

    Frank and Kristina took the pledge to remain in their home until they were offered a good faith negotiation. They have built tremendous support from friends, family, neighbors, Laborers’ Union 563, CrossPoint Church, Minnesota Attorney General Lori Swanson, and the local media. “This problem is not only in the cities. It affects everyone,” said Frank.

    Read more of Frank and Kristina's story below the fold.

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  • Occupy Bernal/ACCE foreclosure fighter Ross Rhodes wins loan modification from Wells Fargo Bank

    OccupyOurHomes on July 29, 2012

    Check out this inspiring video of Occupy Bernal and ACCE Foreclosure Fighter Ross Rhodes talking about how he organized to pressure Wells Fargo to give him a modification on his mortgage and keep his home. From the video's description:

    Democracy is dying. Corporate campaign contributions are simply legalized bribes, and the most powerful corporations of all are the banks. They foreclose and evict people with no protection from the government and hold the courts in their pockets. Ross Rhodes knows what it's like, but fortunately for him, he found the super heroes who can bring the banks to their knees. Don't give up hope! Instead, listen as he tells you his secret to staying in your home and making the banks come to you.

    Buck from Occupy Bernal writes:

    Wells Fargo Bank agreed to give Ross an affordable loan modification, with a $259,000 principal forbearance in the form of a sleeping, no interest second mortgage. They have also agreed to negotiate with Occupy Bernal/SF ACCE/Occupy Noe on August 3, 2012 over loan modification for 23 foreclosure fighters. We'll see if they produce. We'll keep the pressure on in any case, and increase it if they don't. Thus far, in 2012, we have forced Wells Fargo to postpone almost 120 property auctions for about 30 foreclosure fighters, and won loan modifications for some, but not yet all.

    This is amazing, inspiring work! Keep it up Occupy Bernal, ACCE and Occupy Noe!

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  • Atlanta: Victory! Tacco and Family Find Secure Home

    OccupyOurHomes on July 28, 2012

    Great news from Occupy Our Homes Atlanta:

    Just one month ago Tacco Cullins, single mother of 11, faced homelessness after being scammed into substandard and dangerous living conditions by a fake landlord. With no public housing in Atlanta, a moratorium on section 8 housing vouchers, and no organizations able or willing to take on a family of 12 in crisis, Tacco had almost nowhere to turn. After reaching out to Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, Tacco decided to fight for fair housing for her children and for herself.

    Countless press interviews, phone calls, fundraisers, and community meetings later, enough money was raised to get Tacco into quality, safe housing that she and her family deserve. After much public pressure it also looks like the Atlanta Housing Authority might temporarily end the section 8 freeze in order to grant the Cullins family an emergency voucher.

    Occupy Our Homes Atlanta is excited about this new start for Tacco and her family, but we are even more ecstatic that she committed to join our ranks for the long haul. Tacco is ready to give back to her community by fighting with others to defend their homes. The Cullins family will host a victory party on Saturday, August 4, at 2:00pm at their new home at 2259 Polar Rock Terrace.

    Read more below the fold.

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  • VICTORY!: North Minneapolis Woman Wins Home from Bank of America After Five-Year Foreclosure Battle

    OccupyOurHomes on July 23, 2012


    Great news of another victory from Minnesota, thanks to the work of Occupy Homes Minnesota and Neighborhoods Organizing for Change. Read the report below:

    After a five-year battle over now-illegal lending practices, a bank error that dropped her from a loan modification program, and a campaign with Occupy Homes MN, north Minneapolis homeowner Ruby Brown has received a mortgage renegotiation from Bank of America, just days before her home was to be auctioned off.

    “This is an incredible victory for Ruby, who has been in the struggle for so long. It’s also something that can and should happen for everyone facing the loss of a home right now,” said Susan Kikuchi, an organizer with Occupy Homes MN.

    Ruby, a hairdresser whose home of 17 years is the center of her family life, fell into foreclosure after years of struggling with inflated payments in an adjustable rate mortgage, a predatory lending practice which is now illegal. She eventually received a trial modification and complied with its requirements for 12 months, but was dropped from the program anyway.

    As though her struggle with the banks weren’t enough, Ruby’s home was damaged by the tornado that swept through North Minneapolis in 2011. Despite the uncertain future of her home, she threw herself into the project of repairing the home, a pillar for her family and a symbol of her community’s resilience despite disaster.

    “Had it not been for my faith, I could not have made it through,” said Ruby, a deacon in her north Minneapolis church. She found herself relying on comforting words from a Muslim friend: “God is bigger than Bank of America.”

    When Ruby began working with Occupy Homes MN and Neighborhoods Organizing for Change 6 months ago, she felt her shame dissolve. “It generated a fight in me,” she said. “I didn’t realize there were so many people in the same situation, that it wasn’t just me.”

    Read more below the fold.

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  • Rochester: Court Stops Leonard Spears Eviction, Forces Wells Fargo to Show Cause

    OccupyOurHomes on July 11, 2012

    On Wednesday, 10:00am Leonard Spears and Wells Fargo will appear in State Supreme Court in front of Judge Bellini at the Hall of Justice. Judge Bellini has ordered that the eviction be halted and that Wells Fargo must show cause for what appears to be fraudulent foreclosure. Leonard Spears made local andnational headlines in May when he announced that he would not be leaving his home at 26 Ries St., Rochester, NY (see Video, Democrat and Chronicle, Daily Record). Given the level fraud (Wells Fargo not even owning the mortgage when they foreclosed) support for Mr. Spears has flooded in from all over country including a solidarity action at the Freddie Mac headquarters in Washingon, D.C.

    Despite 10-12 attempts at a mortgage modification, Wells Fargo refused to negotiate with Leonard and instead asked him to continually resubmit the same paperwork. In order to take his home as quickly as possible Wells Fargo never personally served Leonard the Summons and Complaint for the foreclosure action, denying him proper recourse to defend his home in court. Instead Wells Fargo fabricated the paperwork saying they served Leonard and claiming he was up to 6 feet tall with black, brown, and blond hair! Unfortunately for Wells Fargo, Leonard is about 5'6'', bald and has never had blond or brown hair. In a further stroke of fraud, lawyers for Wells Fargo reveal that their client didn't own the mortgage or notewhen they foreclosed on Leonard Spears giving them zero legal standing to foreclose in the first place. To add insult to injury, when Wells Fargo foreclosed on Mr. Spears, they sold his house to Freddie Mac for $500. Now Wells Fargo has to justify its foreclosure practices in court. Leonard Spears and Take Back the Land Rochester demand that Wells Fargo withdraw the foreclosure and for Freddie Mac to donate the house to the Rochester Community Land Trust, where Mr. Spears can stay in his house and keep it permanently affordable.

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  • Occupy Homeowners Advocates Key to Passage in California Homeowners Bill of Rights

    OccupyOurHomes on July 02, 2012

    A powerful victory for California homeowners, thanks in part to Occupy Fights Foreclosure and ACCE, among other homeowner advocates. Details are available at Occupy Fights Foreclosure's site:

    The California legislature today approved key provisions of the Homeowners Bill of Rights designed to empower homeowners who are battling the loan modification process and fighting foreclosures.


    "This bill is a good foundation for a levee to stop the economic tsunami of foreclosures," says Carlos Marroquin, Occupy Fights Foreclosures activist. "But before the bill goes into effect at the beginning of next year, thousands of families are facing desperation. We need an immediate moratorium. We must protect these families from the end result of a decade of bank fraud."

    "Housing is a huge domino in the economy and we're not even half-way through this crisis," said Suzanne O'Keeffe, writer and OFF activist. "About 70 percent of foreclosed homes have been repossessed by the banks — that's a huge backlog of bank-owned homes not on the market. About 11 million homes are underwater. Banks have defrauded millions of families — according to the San Francisco County audit, almost all foreclosures have suspicious documentation or legal violations. This bill is long overdue."

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  • VICTORY CA: Dexter Cato Gets His Home Back

    OccupyOurHomes on June 29, 2012

    BREAKING!!!! Dexter Cato, a Long-time member of ACCE and the Home Defenders League in Bayview San Francisco, got his house back!!! Its been a long fight with the bank and lots community support made this happen!! He was foreclosed and evicted unjustly, and now he gets to move his family back in!

    Learn more about Dexter's story here.

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  • 11th Hour Victory! Citibank Cancels Foreclosure Auction of Minneapolis Mom’s Home; Commits to Loan Modification With Reduced Payments

    OccupyOurHomes on June 12, 2012

    Amazing news from Occupy Homes MN:

    After a several month campaign pressuring Citibank to negotiate with Colleen Mckee Espinosa and a last minute blitz of social media, petition signatures, and calls to the office of CEO Vikram Pandit, Citibank canceled a scheduled sheriff’s sale and approved a loan modification for the Espinosa’s home. An official with CitiMortgage’s Executive Response Unit contacted the Espinosa family with news that Citibank had approved a loan modification that would keep the family in their home and reduce their payments by one-third on a 7.5 year payment plan. The dramatic news came less than 24 hours before the house was to be sold at auction on Wednesday, June 13.

    “I’m so relieved that my family’s home of 16 years will not be on the auction block tomorrow,” said Colleen McKee Espinosa, a nurse and single mother who received widespread support after she pledged not to leave her home without a good faith negotiation. “We are grateful that Citibank has decided to accept my payments, and we look forward to signing the final paperwork.”

    Allies from around the country, including and Occupy Wall Street, as well as Mckee Espinosa’s union the Minnesota Nurses Association, helped to rally support for the family.

    “I am deeply grateful to everyone from across the country who stood with our family as we fought our foreclosure,” said Nick Espinosa, Colleen’s son, and an organizer with Occupy Homes MN. “I’m inspired by the outpouring of community support, and it renews my commitment to stand with other families who are struggling to stay in their homes.”

    (Read more below the fold)

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  • MI: Eviction order against Scott Binkley has been suspended!

    OccupyOurHomes on June 02, 2012

    Occupy Traverse City in Michigan and the Moratorium NOW! Coalition to Stop Foreclosures, Evictions & Utility Shutoffs have been fighting to stop the eviction of Scott Binkley, an Interlochen resident who is quadriplegic. We just got an update that they've succeeded in stopping the eviction by Bank of America and Deutsche Bank while a permanent solution is worked out.

    Scott has been notified by phone by a Bank of America representative that the eviction order has been suspended. Scott ask that we stop calling and emailing Bank of America and Deutsch Bank, while discussions between Scott and the BoA proceed. Scott is cautiously optimistic.

    Thanks to all those who called and emailed the banks on behalf of Scott.

    Congratulations to Scott and everyone who had fought on his behalf. More information is below the fold.

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  • VICTORY: The Ward Family & Occupy Birmingham Stop a Bank of America Foreclosure

    OccupyOurHomes on May 29, 2012

    Great news from Birmingham, Alabama. After months of organizing and fighting to keep their home, the Ward family has won! Bank of America has stopped their foreclosure sale and has worked out a deal with the family that will keep them in their home. Left in Alabama reports: 

    The Ward family always made their payments on time.  They were the victim of fraud on the part of their real estate agent, but B of A was going to take their house anyway.  It's called wrongful foreclosure -- the homeowners hold up their end of the bargain but someone else in the long financial instrument chain drops the ball. 

    Last winter Occupy Birmingham stepped in, raised the profile of this case and now B of A has worked out a deal with the Wards.  The paperwork is being cleared up and Maurita and Steven Ward are thrilled to be able to make mortgage payments on their home.

    Congratulations to Maurita and Steven Ward, to Occupy Birmingham and everyone around the country who came together to support the Wards.

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  • LA: Occupy Fights Foreclosures Forces Bank of America to Rescind Foreclosure

    OccupyOurHomes on May 25, 2012

    Occupy Fights Foreclosures (OFF), a subcommittee of Occupy Los Angeles, successfully won the home back of a Los Angeles homeowner whose home, they say, Bank of America fraudulently foreclosed on and sold, even after dutiful payments on a temporary loan modification for over a year.

    Earlier this week, Bank of America rescinded the sale and foreclosure of Dirma Rodriguez' West Adams home — the title is now appropriately back in Ms. Rodriquez's name. BofA assured Ms. Rodriquez— a widowed mother—and her family which includes a severely disabled daughter with toxoplasmosis cerebral palsy, they are now safe from any future threat of eviction.

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  • VICTORY: Monique White Wins Negotiation to Save Her Home!

    OccupyOurHomes on May 03, 2012

    After a 7 month campaign led by Occupy Homes MN, Monique White has been offered a new loan by US Bank. In October of 2011 Monique was perhaps the first homeowner in the nation to approach the Occupy movement and ask for help in defending her home from an unlawful foreclosure . The 6 month campaign to save her home set an historic precedent in the Bank and foreclosure reform movement. The new loan was offered some 15 months after the end of the Redemption period and with a payment in keeping with the homes current value.

    Supporters have camped out in and around her home, led over a dozen marches on US Bankcollected over 6,500 petition signaturespacked the courtroom, shut down Bank branches, and even marched to the homeof US Bank CEO Richard Davis. Occupy Homes MN has worked with White and her family since October 2011, making national and international news in the process.

    "I'm so thankful for all of the support during this process." Said White, "Through it all I kept my faith in God and fought for what's right. Right now I'm just thankful that my family and I will get to keep my home." 

    "Monique is truly a hero of the Occupy movement," Said organizer Anthony Newby with Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), "Monique may have been the first in the country to invite the Occupy movement to defend her home from an unfair eviction. This deal sets an historic precedent for what communities can accomplish when they unite around this issue. The new loan offer came some 15 months after the end of the Redemption period and involves a payment in keeping with the home's current value. If this deal can work for Monique White, it can work for homeowners around the country."

    "We couldn't be more proud of Monique and the example she has set for homeowners around the country. Her victory gives hope to the millions of American's around the country facing foreclosure by showing that the banks can and must enact a grand bargain that would help every homeowner to stay in their home, whether they are in foreclosure or underwater on their mortgage, by reducing the principal on their homes to the actual market value." Said Nick Espinosa, an organizer with Occupy Homes MN whose family's home is also in foreclosure.

    Occupy Homes MN is currently working with dozens of other families in the Metro area and around the State to bring Big banks to the table to negotiate a reasonable solution to the foreclosure crisis.

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  • Fort Lauderdale: Good news for the Delvas

    OccupyOurHomes on May 03, 2012

    A great update from Susan Howai of Occupy Homes Florida/Occupy Fort Lauderdale about the Delva family:

    The Delva family will remain in their home for the foreseeable future.  Mr. Gomez, the attorney for the Third Party Bidder, ILN Management, LLC., claimed that the Delvas are making a "cynical attempt to distract the Court" and that he would like the Delvas to make a monthly rental payment of $1,200.00.  Mr. Delva after deliberation with his counselor, Theresa Bland Edwards, Esquire, it was agreed, by all the parties involved, that the Delvas would pay $600.00 per month beginning on May 10, 

    Read more below the fold.

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  • A Victory for Lesliane Bouchard

    OccupyOurHomes on May 03, 2012

    Last December Lesliane Bouchard and her daughter Kristiane Chappell called on the Occupy Our Homes movement to help the disabled and bedridden school teacher keep her home in Murrietta, California. Lesliane was facing foreclosure from First Mortgage Corporation, despite her being qualified for federal modification programs which would allow her to stay in it if First Mortgage participated in them. Along with Occupy Our Homes activists, Occupy Los Angeles, Occupy San Diego, Occupy Wall Street, ACCE, the Urban League of San Diego and local elected officials joined together with over 41,000 petition signers at to work with Kristiane on behalf of Lesliane and help her stay in her home. After months of hard work and campaigning, Kristiane has posted great news on her blog.

    The loan for the new house funded today. My mom's situation has officially been resolved, we just need to move her to the new house. Not exactly how I wanted, but I'll take this and be good with it.

    I want to say thank you to everyone who helped. Thank you doesn't cover it really, I spent the last year or so fighting this, and in the beginning often times I was discouraged, tired, angry, and just feeling like there was never going to be an end that wasn't bad. That all changed about 9 months ago, after months of following up every lead, every shot in the dark, calling, writing and emailing every office of every elected official or government agency I could, I started to see glimmers of light in the form of people who cared enough to step in and help. One person would segue to another lead, who knew someone in a group, who could tell me where to call about something else. This has been a winding and crazy road, and I couldn't have gotten to this point in it without all of the amazing support I received.

    This is an outcome which happened because of how hard Kristiane and Lesliane and the community around them fought for a just solution. Lesliane will have a home, where she will be near her family and be able to get the care she needs. Thank you to all the Occupy Our Homes activists who supported Lesliane's fight and congratulations to Lesliane and Kristiane.

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  • Occupy Our Homes DC helps save Dawn Butler from eviction

    OccupyOurHomes on April 02, 2012

    Update: Here's the latest from Occupy Our Homes DC:

    Occupy Our Homes DC wins another victory. At 9 AM, Monday, April 2nd, J.P. Morgan Chase directed U.S. Marshals to evict Dawn Butler from her home on Maryland Avenue NE in Capitol Hill. With a strong show of force over 40 activists were present and determined to defend Ms. Butler's home from eviction. Metro Washington Police and the moving crew had arrived while activists sang songs and blocked the staircase. At the same time, Ms. Butler was at Landlord and Tenant court in Northwest Washington and successfully requested that the judge call off the eviction.

    Representatives from other housing activist groups including City Life/Vida Urbana and the Backbone Campaign spoke out against unfair evictions at the home. Bertina Jones, who joined with Occupy Our Homes DC to get her house back from Freddie Mac in February, also spoke at the home and expressed solidarity with Ms. Butler's case. The movement for housing for all is growing in the District of Columbia. Ms. Butler has been a tenant since 2006 and following the foreclosure of her landlord has tried to exercise her rights as a tenant. There will be a court date this spring where the merits of the case will be heard. The spring offensive is underway.

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  • VICTORY: Marine Veteran Bobby Hull's Home Saved from Foreclosure

    OccupyOurHomes on February 27, 2012

    On Monday, February 27th at noon, South Minneapolis homeowner Bobby Hull, supporters from Occupy Homes MN and Neighborhoods Organizing for Change and will publicly declare victory in their fight to save Hull’s family home from an unfair and avoidable foreclosure. Following a three-month public campaign, Hull’s lender has agreed renegotiate his mortgage so that he and his family can keep their home!!


    "We hope that Bobby's story will inspire communities around the country to stand up and fight against unfair and immoral foreclosures. His success is proof that we can win if we rally our friends and neighbors and stick together. Rather than a miracle, we look at this deal as one that's appropriate for necessary if we're going to get the American economy back on track." -Anthony Newby, Neighborhoods Organizing for Change

    Hull says he will continue to support others facing foreclosure. “We won't stop until all Americans across the country get the same deal that I did.” said Hull.


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  • Victory: Occupy Idaho Falls Stops Wells Fargo

    OccupyOurHomes on February 14, 2012

    Occupy Idaho Falls helped stop Wells Fargo from foreclosing and evicting Karla Covington. The foreclosure would have violated a court order and the bold action by Karla and Occupy Idaho Falls to occupy her home and resist Wells Fargo enabled Karla to keep her home. 

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  • VICTORY: With Support of Thousands, Occupy Nashville Saves 78-Year-Old Civil Rights Activist's Home

    OccupyOurHomes on February 14, 2012

    Buoyed by overwhelming support from the community of Middle Tennessee and around the world, Occupy Nashville has saved grandmother Helen Bailey’s home from foreclosure.

    Bailey wanted nothing more than to live out her years among her neighbors, just two doors down from the church she loves.

    “I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders," Bailey said. "I love my home and my community and I am so blessed to be able to stay here. I am thankful for the support of my neighbors and the nation."

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  • Victory: William and Bertha Garrett can keep their home in Detroit

    OccupyOurHomes on February 01, 2012

    Great news! The eviction of William and Bertha Garrett of Detroit has been stopped! Occupy Detroit activists have an update on Facebook:

    The Garretts have been victorious in their struggle to keep their home. The bank agreed to let the Garretts purchase their home for the previously agreed upon price of $12,000. The contract has yet to be signed. We must maintain our vigilance.

    Supporters are encouraged to be at the home of the Garretts by 7 am to prevent the confront any appearance of a dumpster. Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company has gone back on it's word in the past. But a realtor at O'Conner Real Estate Development, the firm that apparently wanted so badly to list the property as soon as possible, also assured us that the eviction has been called off.

    There's more information at Huffington Post.

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  • Detroit: “Victory!”- 1515 Broadway is saved

    OccupyOurHomes on January 26, 2012

    Earlier today, faced with intense community pressure Citibank dropped its plan to evict 1515 Broadway and the Jaszczak Family. The settlement puts an end to Chris Jaszczak’s months-long ordeal.

    Chris Jaszczak is a Vietnam veteran, father, and small business owner. He founded 1515 Broadway in 1987. Over time, the café and theatre has become one of Detroit’s community cornerstones. Along with other local small businesses, 1515 has been key to revitalizing Downtown Detroit. The building is also Chris' home, where he lives with his young son.

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