Minneapolis: Citibank Moves to Foreclose on Occupy Homes MN Organizer!

Citibank is messing with the wrong family. Over the weekend, Occupy Homes MN announced that it was launching a campaign to defend a home some of the local activists know very well; for 16 years, it’s been the home of local Occupy Homes organizer Nick Espinosa. [Watch the video to meet Colleen & Nick, and see their home.]

According to an Occupy Homes MN press release:

Nick’s mother, Colleen McKee Espinosa is a single mother of three who owns the property and is facing foreclosure after Citibank refused to accept a payment on her mortgage, having moved up the due date for her payment without her knowledge. They then added thousands of dollars in attorney fees because the home went into foreclosure, making it impossible for her to catch up. Colleen has worked as a registered nurse for over 25 years, serving and caring for others, and now she needs our support. 

Dozens of local Northeast Minneapolis community members, as well as activists with Occupy Homes MN and Occupy Minneapolis gathered at their home on Saturday for a Foreclosure Free Barbeque. They shared stories and food, and vowed to work together to keep the family in their home.

Nick Espinosa said, “We announced our goals today—to put up 300 yard signs and get 1,000 signatures from our Northeast neighbors demanding a negotiation to keep us in our home. We hope that other Northeast homeowners, both going through foreclosure and underwater, will join us in this fight.” 

In a video about Colleen’s story made by Occupy Homes organizers, she says:

“I have decided that I’m not leaving my home until we get a good faith negotiation. I’m fighting to send the message to other people not to give up, because if you’re isolated you can’t fight these people. I’d tell the banks they better watch out because people are catching on to their game and a lot of people are going to fight back now.”

Colleen is a hard-working single mother of three—Nick, Connor, and Alana—who was reluctant to call attention to her plight, but is now committed to fighting back. Please stand with her and her family by signing the online petition to demand that Citibank negotiate to keep the family in their home and sharing her video-story.

Chicago: An Eviction Story

Dena Killacky, her husband & four children were evicted April 4, 2012 from the Will County (western suburbs of Chicago) home built by her father over 30 years ago. This video tells the story of that eviction and the brave stand taken by the Killacky family.

The Killacky family is still fighting to get their home back and Occupy Our Homes is doing everything it can to support. Their story gives yet another example of why we need an immediate nationwide moratorium on foreclosures & economically-motivated evictions.

The western & southern suburbs of Chicago have thousands of homeowners fighting individual battles against banks trying to snatch their land- we must organize to unite them.