Occupy Atlanta: National Call-in to Chase Bank

Eloise Pittman passed away in late November. Her family is now left with a mountain of debt, and is trying to save a home that’s been in their family for nearly 60 years. Chase has been unwilling to find a solution that keeps them in their home.

The mortgage is owned by Chase. Today, we appeal to you for help. Can you take the time to call, fax, and email the CEO of Chase Bank with a simple message; Make the Pittman family’s mortgage work. Rectify predatory loans.

Southgate, MI: Community Demands New Year’s Resolution from Bank of America– keep families in their homes

Earlier today, Robert and Debbie Henry, along with 150 supporters, including family, neighbors, church members, as well as UAW Local 600 and Occupy Our Homes, marched on the Southgate Bank of America branch to demand an end to attempts to evict them from their home of 8 years. They were joined by retired Vietnam veteran Joe Astro, who is facing eviction by Bank of America from his home in Dundee.