Housing Justice Academy in New Jersey

Join NJ Communities United, Occupy Our Homes, and the Home Defenders League for the Housing Justice Academy in Newark, NJ on December 7th & 8th!

We’re bringing people together to learn how we can fight back against Wall Street greed, strengthen our connections to each other, and build a movement that has the power to push back against Wall Street and the big banks. Learn how to: 
• Organize your neighbors
• Lead direct actions
• Execute eviction defenses
• Participate in non-violent civil disobedience
• Talk to the press
• Launch online petitions


Occupy Homes Housing Justice Academy

Wall Street thinks they’ve gotten away with it. The banks have doled out paltry settlement checks, the media and the Obama administration tout the “housing recovery”–and foreclosures continue at three times their pre-2007 levels.

But all over the country, we’re finding that when we fight back, we win. When Mildred Obi,­ a retired senior­ was wrongfully evicted from her home by Bank of America, she decided to fight back. She moved back in with the help of Occupy Our Homes Atlanta, and now she owns her home for good. In Minneapolis, two entire neighborhoods have declared an Eviction Free Zone, pledging to fight the banks together. Neighbors turned out in droves to defend Sergio Ceballos’ home from eviction in July, and as a result, he’s still in his home and hoping to reach a resolution with Chase Bank. 

We know that the only way to hold Wall Street accountable is to come together and organize–to create a world where people, not banks, have control over their communities.

In October, Occupy Our Homes will bring people together to do just that by hosting our first ever Housing Justice Academy. We’ll come together to learn how we can fight back, strengthen our connections to each other, and build a movement that has the power to fight back against these institutions. From October 26 through October 28, trainings and actions will be taking place in Atlanta, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles, and more locations might be added soon.