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Carolyn Gage Re-Occupies A Home Her Family Lived in for 50 Years

November 01, 2011
Posted in: Home Defense

Carolyn says:

My family has been in this neighborhood for 50 years, and since I've been evicted, the place has been vacant, like so many homes in the Bayview. Families have been ripped off by banks, scammed by brokers and nothing's done to them. It's time for the families and the community to stand up and take back what's theirs.

Carolyn Gage’s family lived in their home for fifty-two years before it was taken from them. Carolyn was the victim of predatory lending, was foreclosed upon and evicted from the house her family had lived in for over fifty years in January, 2011 by Bayview Mortgage Capital. The house has sat vacant since then.

Like many foreclosure victims, Carolyn had tried to pay her mortgage, had tried to get it modified and even sued Bayview Mortgage Capital to stop the foreclosure. But the bank wouldn’t negotiate - they wanted to take her home.

On November 1, 2011, Carolyn was joined by over 60 of her neighbors and supports and she took back her home. Support is coming from the Occupy movement, Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, and a number of local labor unions.

Now Carolyn and her supporters are asking that she be allowed to stay in her home. You can call Bayview Mortgage Capital at 877-753-0562 and ask Chairman David Ertel to modify her loan and help her stay in her home.

Through community support and bold action to defend her home, Carolyn has a chance to get the home her father built back. Help her by taking action today.