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VICTORY: Rose Gudiel over OneWest & Fannie Mae

October 06, 2011
Posted in: Home Defense

Rose Gudiel issued this statement claiming victory on October 26th, 2011:

“I’d like to announce that the bank called me today to arrange a meeting, to discuss a modification proposal from Fannie Mae.  I have also learned that my eviction has been canceled.  We are very happy that they have finally come to the table, and I hope they are serious about negotiating a reasonable modification, which is what I have been requesting for over two years. And I hope that they will change their policies to stop taking the homes the thousands of hardworking families facing preventable foreclosure.  Thank you.”

Rose Guidel and her family decided to fight back against Fannie Mae and OneWest and resist being evicted from their home. Rose worked with the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) and the ReFund California coalition to take her fight public and build support in her community to stop the eviction.

Rose was a few days behind on her mortgage after her brother died, but quickly caught up. OneWest Bank directed her to apply for a loan modification, but then denied it. The bank made clear that they would evict the Gudiel family and take part in no further negotiations. They wanted her house. In late September, Rose announced that the Sheriff and OneWest will have to physically remove her.

That’s when the community stepped forward in support of the Gudiel family. Friends and family of Rose Gudiel came together with ACCE and ReFund California to protest at OneWest Bank and Fannie Mae. Community members camped outside of the Gudiel home 24 hours a day to ensure the banks didn’t try an eviction when no one was watching. Rose and her supporters even went to the home of $26 million home of OneWest Chairman Steve Mnunchin, asking that he not evict the Gudiel family. Together with hundreds of activists from Occupy Los Angeles and thousands of activists engaging online around the country, Rose Gudiel and her family made their voices heard in the halls of her bank.

The commitment Rose Gudiel showed to defend her home from the banks and the support that merged from her community ended up forcing the banks to the negotiating table and canceling the eviction! The story of Rose Gudiel and her decision to stand up and fight for her home is one that proves that we can stop the banks from stealing our homes. Rose and her family took the fight straight to the banks who wanted to take their home. They risked arrest for their belief that the home was theirs and they couldn’t be forced out without good reason.