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Riverside, CA: Stop the eviction of Arturo de los Santos

February 07, 2012

ACCE is calling for action to help Arturo de los Santos and his family.

Arturo de los Santos has lived in his Riverside, CA with his wife and four children for over ten years. When the economic crisis hit in 2008, the factory he works at reduced his hours. Like millions of hardworking Americans, the reduced income forced him to pursue a modification in his mortgage, which is owned by Freddie Mac. The mortgage servicer, JP Morgan Chase, informed de los Santos that in order to negotiate a loan modification he had to be in default on his loan. De los Santos was caught in the Catch-22 that proved to be profitable for Freddie Mac but devastating for his family.

Freddie Mac and Chase launched foreclosure proceedings. Before the house was foreclosed, de los Santos’ hours and income returned to its pre-crash levels, but his pleas to his bank and Freddie Mac to negotiate a permanent modification fell on deaf ears and he was foreclosed and evicted. Now he has taken the courageous step of re-occupying their home after being foreclosed and is facing eviction at any moment. Will you send a message to Freddie Mac CEO Charles Haldeman and Chase California President Peter Barker to tell them to stop their eviction and negotiate a fair modification?

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