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Signal Hill, CA: Rachel New is not leaving!

OccupyOurHomes on March 19, 2012
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Rachel New and her family—two young daughters, disabled mother, a disabled aunt, and brothers—are threatened with eviction Wednesday March 21 or soon after despite trying for over a year to negotiate a loan modification with her bank.

Rachel came to this country as an immigrant from the killing fields of Cambodia, where she was beaten and starved and saw people shot. She worked hard, graduated from CSU-LB, where she has worked for over 17 years. By the time her dream home was completed, it was underwater.

A year after being run around by the bank on almost daily calls, Wells Fargo finally informed her they were not approving the modification 20 hours before selling the home to themselves at auction for half of the mortgage price. We believe they should sell it back to her for that same price and keep the New family in their home.

Rachel's house is one of more than 100 threatened with foreclosure right here in Signal Hill. Imagine what 100 more empty homes will do to our community.

What Can You Do To Help Save Save Signal Hill from this threat?

1. Call the Sheriff's office 562-491-5964 to tell them not to evict our neighbor, Rachel New of 2083 Freeman.
2. Email or text "@homedefense" to 23599 or call 562-433-7025 to join the campaign to save this and other homes.

Occupy Long Beach will hold a press conference Monday at noon at Wells Fargo, 2598 Cherry Ave. in Signal Hill. Call Sharon at (562) 900-1009 for more info.

We will begin Occupation on Tuesday at 6:30pm at the New residence, 2083 Freeman Ave in Signal Hill.

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